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Travelling? Here’s how to Make Sure you get Enough Movement

Travelling? Here’s how to Make Sure you get Enough Movement

When we’re travelling, it can be easy to pack on the pounds and return home more out of shape and less limber than when we left. Long plane rides and lots of time spent sitting down, combined with the inevitably large amounts of food we’ll […]

What to Keep In Mind When Making Travel Plans

What to Keep In Mind When Making Travel Plans

Taking a road trip to see your favorite band or to see your grandparents for Christmas allows you to leave the monotony of life behind for a few days. However, you will need to spend some time planning your trip to make sure it goes […]

Why you should take a Yangtze River Cruise

Why you should take a Yangtze River Cruise

If you haven’t yet been to China (or even if you have), a Yangtze River Cruise is the perfect way to discover the country. Each year, millions of visitors enjoy this amazing experience in China, and these cruises will take you right through the heart of China, allowing you to see some of the most incredible scenery in the world.

The best seasons for the river cruises along the Yangtze River are generally spring and autumn, which is September and October and April and May. This is when the weather is comfortable and cool.

Here are some reasons why you should experience a Yangtze River Cruise:


The Scenery

These ships travel especially slowly, allowing you to enjoy cultural relics and beautiful scenery along the way. You’ll be given key information about shore excursions to ensure you don’t miss any of the best scenery, which includes Fengdu Ghost City, Goddess Stream, the Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream or Shibaozhai.

While you can take part in a number of excursions, you’ll also be able to enjoy incredible scenery from your boat, and watch the steady flow of heritage and history along the different river banks as you’re winding your way through cliffs and gorgeous. For many people, the highlight is the beautiful Three Gorgeous, so be sure to bring your camera.

Free Time

These cruises will give you more free time in China, and you’ll also have less hassle. When you compare this type of travel to travelling by train or bus, you’ll find that not only will you get to see more, but you’ll do it at a much more leisurely pace- meaning you won’t end up needing a vacation from your vacation.

You can sit on the deck sun deck and read a book, drink coffee on your balcony, meet new people on the boat over dinner, play cards, watch TV, or take a nap- all while you’re travelling to the next incredible destination.



One of the biggest reasons to take a cruise down the Yangtze River, is the fact that it’s generally all-inclusive. This makes it much easier for you to budget for your adventure in China, since accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport are all included.

You’ll get three meals a day, featuring both Western and Chinese food, and a lovely Captain’s Farewell Banquet on the last night of your cruise. You’ll also have amazing entertainment, and this can include lectures about Chinese culture and history, films, happy hour, cabaret shows, fashion shows and even Tai Chi lessons.


Along with all of the inclusions, you’ll also have a number of other onboard services to choose from. Most chips will feature a reading room, wifi, the ability to make phone calls, a health clinic, a fitness room, and a beauty salon. That means that when you’re relaxing you can truly relax and have all of the comforts of a hotel (and more) while onboard.

Top Tips for a Spa Weekend

Top Tips for a Spa Weekend

A spa weekend is the perfect way to get some well-earned relaxation time, and will ensure that you can unwind, refresh, and treat yourself after working hard. If you’ve decided that you need to relax on a spa weekend (and really, who doesn’t?), we have […]

Fun Things to do While Waiting in an Airport

Fun Things to do While Waiting in an Airport

If you’ve recently been in an airport, you’ll know that while some airports seem to be created specifically for meeting the needs of visitors, others are a great example of what you shouldn’t do when you have hundreds of thousands of people waiting to catch […]

Where you Should go on your Holiday to Thailand

Where you Should go on your Holiday to Thailand

Thailand is a place that’s close to my heart, and it’ll always be one of those places I can return to again and again, without ever getting bored.

You’ll learn about Thailand on travel blogs, in magazines, and on travel shows, and this country really is like no other in the world, with some of the most incredible beaches in the south, wild animals in hill tribes in the mountainous region, and tiny towns, interesting culture and delicious food throughout the country.

Here are some options for your next holiday to Thailand:


Chiang Mai

You’ll find Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, and you can easily take an overnight train from Bangkok or a quick flight from Phuket. Unlike the south of the country, you won’t find beaches here, but what it lacks in sand, Chiang Mai makes up for in mountains and jungles- with plenty of options to get up close to nature.

Hire a scooter and take a drive around the hills, visit Elephant Nature Park and get up close to elephants that have been rescued from lives of labour and circuses, browse the amazing night markets and head to one of the many temples to chat with some monks.


Chances are high that you’ll fly into Bangkok, and you simply must stay for at least a few days. Bangkok is a grittier city, with amazing street food, the ever-popular Koh San road, blocks of interconnecting malls, and an excellent nightlife. Many flights arrive late though, so do yourself a favour and use Blacklane for your transportation instead of haggling with taxi drivers or trying to navigate the public transport system with all your bags.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the place to go if you want to go diving, and people come from around the world to learn to dive and are sometimes lucky enough to see whale sharks. If you’re keen to get certified, you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper option than Koh Tao, and the beach life is outstanding.



Located north of Chiang Mai, Pai is getting quite the reputation as a place to find yourself, and is popular with barefooted, dreadlocked backpackers. Don’t let that stop you though, and if you head outside of the main town, you’ll find incredible wildlife including lakes, forests, waterfalls and excellent hiking.


This is a very old place, and was founded way back in 1350. Surrounded by rivers on three sides, Ayuthaya was once said to be the world’s most magnificent city. If you’re a fan of history, there are some excellent ruins available to explore.

Hua Hin

Like the sound of an 11-tier waterfall? You need to head to Hua Hin. This is the place to go if you like to get a bit more off the beaten path, and you won’t find many other tourists- meaning excellent photos of that incredible waterfall and the many national parks in the area.

Taking the Family to Miami? Why you Should Rent a Car

Taking the Family to Miami? Why you Should Rent a Car

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What is the advantage of playing mobile bingo?

What is the advantage of playing mobile bingo?

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Back Home from Around the World – How to Not Take it for Granted

Back Home from Around the World – How to Not Take it for Granted

Travelling can, indeed, change your life in numerous ways. You will see more, listen to more stories, know more amazing people, infuse in more cultures, eat more delicious ethnic foods – and, at the end of the entire trip, you yourself will BE more. You will be educated, you will be more understanding, and you will know that fears are there just to be overcome.

Yes, travelling can change you from the inside out and from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

What happens when you return home, though? How to truly enjoy what you have there, even if it may not be a 5000-year old pyramid or even if the cheese will never taste just like it does in that small boutique in Paris?

Here are some tips to help you genuinely enjoy your time back home:


The memories are great, but living in the past isn’t 

There’s no point in returning home and spending your hours, days and months thinking of all the amazing things you’ve seen and comparing everything back home with those far-away lands. So, instead of just daydreaming about past vacations, start planning for your next one – and even more importantly, don’t forget to seize the moments you have here and now.

Have fun with your friends and family

Haven’t you missed them? If you have been away for more than a couple of weeks, there’s a very good chance you will actually miss your folks back home. So, if you plan on packing your bags again, remember to stop by and spend some time with all the amazing people who stayed home. Your brothers and sisters, your childhood friends, your mom and dad – they will be all more than happy to “catch” as much of you as possible. Offer them this and enjoy doing it!


Re-discover your native places 

You may think your old hometown is boring – but, in fact, it is pretty amazing (and yes, there’s no such thing such as completely unattractive place, no matter where in the world your home may be). The new stores, the cafés, the theatre plays, the movies, the natural surroundings, the parks – they all have a special charm of their own and they can all be more than offering when you return home.

Savor these places, for they are filled with emotions, memories and beauty!

Take advantage of the comfort 

Unless you can afford travelling in jet planes and staying exclusively in 5-star hotels, you will discover that nothing feels quite as comfortable as the place you grew up in. From the security of your hometown to electricity, heating and other modern-day luxuries you may not be able to fully enjoy when travelling in many of the exotic places of Earth, everything back home will feel cozier. With winter coming along, there’s nothing better than having a toasty warm house. For all your gas heating needs, check out Flogas who have competitive prices and great online service.

So, snuggle up in your bed, turn on your Netflix, binge-watch your shows and go out with your friends and family! Your next trip is right around the corner – but, until then, be sure you enjoy the moments of peace spent back home!

Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Gloomy but lovely at the same time, Great Britain has a lot of amazing places – even more than many locals are familiar with. A great British road trip can really recharge your batteries and stir your appetite for adventure and great stories – so, […]