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A Day In Liverpool

A Day In Liverpool

Located in the North West, Liverpool is a city known for its music and culture. It is a friendly place to visit and a pretty one too. When taking a day trip if you are stopping on a journey or planning a short break, there […]

Top things to do in London

Top things to do in London

London is one of those cities which is packed with things to do and see. If you’re planning to visit, you may be wondering exactly how you’ll narrow these down and fit everything in. Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on the best things to do […]

How I stay healthy while traveling

How I stay healthy while traveling

When you travel long-term, it can be difficult to stay healthy. I’m not someone who was blessed with a particularly great immune system anyway, and I tend to pick up anything that’s going around.

Combine that with long flights, time-zone changes, and the need to keep working when I’m run down, and it’s a bad time.

I was recently reading an infographic by Brosch Direct, and it was super surprising. I’ve become somewhat of a germaphobe in my old age, but I realized that I’ve been focusing on the wrong things. For example, I assumed that the toilet would be the germiest thing in the house. The average toilet has a TVC (Total Viable Count) of 90 for germs. Do you know what the average toothbrush has? 48,000. Brb, throwing out my toothbrush.


One thing I do try to do is close the lid on the toilet seat when I flush. That’s because the toilet literally sprays germs into the bathroom- where we tend to keep our toothbrushes. Based on this infographic, I also think I should be replacing my toothbrush a little more often.

Another thing I found interesting? The object with the most germs was the train seat. This had a TVC of 72,000. It blows my mind that the toilet only had 90, but a train seat seems to be crawling in germs. Gross.

One of the things I try to do, is wipe my phone and keyboard down with antibacterial wipes. I should probably do this more often, since the average phone as a TVC of 30, while keyboards have 370. I feel like my laptop and keyboard are more germy than average since I take them with me everywhere- throwing them in handbags and backpacks.

There are a few things I’m wary of when traveling. I always wash my hands after touching money, and I use antibacterial wipes when on a plane. I also like to use my elbow or sweater to open the door in public bathrooms.

Realistically, we’re going to come into contact with lots of germs throughout the day. Unless you live in a bubble, this is just a fact of life. That’s why I try to keep my immune system healthy by eating vegetables like broccoli and fruit like berries. This year I’m also trying to prioritize my sleep, as I tend to get run down and sick when I don’t get enough sleep.


Trends to expect for blogs, social media, and SEO in 2019

Trends to expect for blogs, social media, and SEO in 2019

With 2019 just a few days away, you may already be thinking about your content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies for the year ahead. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the key trends underway, ensuring that your business is offering leads and […]

What’s your desk story?

What’s your desk story?

Furniture at Work has a super interesting campaign right now, which I thought you guys would love. The campaign is called #MyDeskStory, and I feel like it’s super appropriate considering how many of us are beginning to work remotely, freelance, and start our own online […]

How to get ready for a European road trip

How to get ready for a European road trip

A road trip is arguably the best way to see Europe. Not only can you choose your own itinerary, but you can deviate from that itinerary whenever you run into other travelers who tell you about that great site you simply must see.

While you can’t really go wrong with travel anywhere in Europe, there are a few #Roadtrips you simply shouldn’t miss out on.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

Phew, that’s certainly a mouthful. This road trip is best in either late spring or early summer, and the route is closed from November to May. This is known as one of the most scenic road trips in Europe, and enjoy incredible Austrian architecture, rocky cliff faces, and 37 different mountain peaks.


Route 500, Germany

You’ve probably heard of the Black Forest, and this road trip takes you right through it. This is one of the oldest and most treasured roads in Germany, and there’s plenty to do along the way- from thermal springs to castles.

Trollstigen, Norway

Troll’s Path is packed with winding roads, and these twists and turns give you plenty of views of a 1,000-meter waterfall. This is just a one-lane roadmaking it treacherous, however, the sights make it well worth it.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

This is the type of Irish scenery you see in movies, and you’ll get to gawk at everything from beaches to fishing harbors. Start in Killarney and take the circular trip all the way back along the N72, N70, and N71.

Are you ready for your road trip?

These are just a few of the incredible road trips that await you in Europe. However, it’s crucial that your car is ready before you head off on your adventure. Book your car service at Kwik Fit, so you can ensure it’s up to scratch before you go.

Your car should be serviced every 12,000 miles, and you’ll also need to make sure you’ve paid attention to some of the factors that will keep you safe. These include tyre treads, which should be at least 1.6mm. Otherwise, you could get a fine, but more importantly, you could lose control and grip while driving.

Tyre pressure is also important, and if your tyres haven’t been inflated enough, they can blow- which is seriously dangerous. Be sure to check that you have a spare, and that the spare is also in good condition.

Other things to consider include, checking your coolant, oil, windscreen wipers, and screenwash. Take a map in case you lose service, a first aid kit, and an ice scraper if you’ll be traveling this winter.

4 Fun Things to do While in Paris

4 Fun Things to do While in Paris

Paris is a destination many of us dream of, after all it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. There’s so much to do and see in Paris, that you’ll never find yourself with a bored moment, but perhaps you’re […]

Looking for real estate in Florida? These are some of the best properties available

Looking for real estate in Florida? These are some of the best properties available

When it comes to real estate, Florida can’t be beat. Residents love the incredible views in every direction, along with top-of-the-line features in many of the best properties. Here are some of the best properties in Florida right now: Murano Grande Murano Grande is said […]

Moving to Florida? These are the properties you should check out

Moving to Florida? These are the properties you should check out

There are many reasons to move to Florida- the nightlife, the weather, the shopping, and the many attractions that are within a short drive. If you’re planning to enjoy these benefits, you’re probably looking for an incredible property. Here are some of the properties you absolutely must check out if you’re considering moving to Florida:


Murano at Portofino

Murano at Portofino is becoming well-known as one of Miami’s most stylish condominiums. Not to mention, it features its own private beach club where you can enjoy the saltwater pool or grab a drink in the poolside cafe. The property was built in 2005, and enjoys one of the best locations around- in the SoFi (South of Fifth District) area in Miami Beach.

All 189 units boast magnificent views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and Miami Harbour. You’ll love the private elevator foyers which can be found in select residences, while the sunrise/sunset terraces are the perfect place to enjoy the panoramic views.


Echo Brickell

Echo Brickell can be found in one of the fastest-growing cosmopolitan communities in Miami. The development combines Yoo Studio’s interiors with Carlos Ott’s architecture, providing residents with panoramic views, opulent amenities, the latest technology, and high-standard services they’ll love.

Don’t miss the incredible suspended fitness center, the infinity edge pool, the spa, or the hot tubs.


Icon South Beach

Icon South Beach is an incredible high-rise which can be found on Alton Road. Here, form and function have been combined, delivering the most luxurious lifestyle with water and city views from every room. There are 289 residences here, and floor plans range from 1 to 6 bedrooms. All condos are packed with top-of-the-line features, including spacious walk-in closets, 9-foot high ceilings, European Cabinetry, and expansive terraces.



Apogee was completed in 2008, but remains one of the most luxurious developments in South Florida. Here, there are 67 residences, all with flow-through water and city views. All finishes are the ultimate in sophistication, and include materials like French limestone and granite. And each unit includes its own private elevator access.


South Pointe

South Pointe is a little piece of history in South Beach, and was one of the first luxury condominiums. Built in 1987, this condo has an incredible location, just a few steps from Ocean Drive, SoFi, and the Atlantic Ocean. The building recently underwent a multimillion dollar renovation, sprucing up a number of areas and making it even more attractive.

5 properties you need to see in Florida

5 properties you need to see in Florida

Looking for an investment or simply thinking about moving? Florida is packed with properties that can meet even the most stringent requirements. Here are 5 properties you need to see when you start searching: Santa Maria Brickell Santa Maria Brickell was the second building that […]