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Back Home from Around the World – How to Not Take it for Granted

Back Home from Around the World – How to Not Take it for Granted

Travelling can, indeed, change your life in numerous ways. You will see more, listen to more stories, know more amazing people, infuse in more cultures, eat more delicious ethnic foods – and, at the end of the entire trip, you yourself will BE more. You […]

Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Gloomy but lovely at the same time, Great Britain has a lot of amazing places – even more than many locals are familiar with. A great British road trip can really recharge your batteries and stir your appetite for adventure and great stories – so, […]

Smart Ways to Handle Money When Traveling Overseas

Smart Ways to Handle Money When Traveling Overseas

Whether you like it or not, money makes the world go round – and it is also the “fuel” that will help you go round the world yourself too. How do you handle money when traveling overseas, though? How do you make sure you don’t overspend – but even more importantly, how do you make sure you and your money are fully safe, regardless of whether you’re traveling alone or not?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


Should you use cash or credit?

Well, this is a question without a clear answer. The only thing we can say is that it depends.

Generally, a credit card is a lot safer than carrying cold cash with you – mostly because you will need a PIN number to use it, so if it gets stolen, you will not be left without money while you’re in a completely foreign country.

At the same time though, there are many places around the world where cash is still largely used – and no, this is not just about developing countries, but about very well-developed places as well. In Europe, for example, credit cards are mostly used in larger shops, gas stations and large hotels. The small boutiques, bakeries and day-to-day shopping places will most likely not take payments by card.

What is there to do, then?

Well, research. See what your destination is like from this point of view. Split your money to have some cash on you too, but leave most of it on card. Choose a card that doesn’t have huge ATM withdrawal or currency conversion fees. Do your homework and decide on what’s best for you!

Should you carry cash with you?

Yes, you should carry at least a small sum of cash with you (enough to get you from the airport to the hotel, for example). But, in general, it is a fairly good idea to make sure you don’t have too much cash with you when exploring your destination and wandering around the city. No matter how “western” the place may be, you will still be better of safe, rather than sorry.

Should you exchange your money?

Of course you should!

The question that remains is where. Our advice is that you wait until you reach your destination to exchange your currency or to withdraw money from ATM – but if you feel safer having some local money in your pocket when you arrive, then make sure you keep it at a low sum of money at least.

Furthermore, be sure you carry some international currency with you as well – such as US Dollars or Euros, for example. In case banks go on strike or you find yourself unable to withdraw money from the ATM, you will at least have a good reserve of a few hundred dollars/euros to rely on for a while until things get cleared out.

It is extremely important to do your research whenever you travel – and especially when you want to travel overseas. Be well-informed and keep your common sense sharp – these two things can save you from a lot of unpleasant situations!


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Best Malls Around the World for a Shopaholic

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Tips for Taking Amazing Photos with your Smart Phone

Tips for Taking Amazing Photos with your Smart Phone

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Helpful Travel Beauty Hacks

Helpful Travel Beauty Hacks

As a girl, you want to look at your very best regardless of where in the world the day may find you – but for some traveling chicks out there, beauty and constantly dragging around your luggage don’t exactly match.

The good news? Things really don’t have to be that way. In fact, you can stay beautiful, shining and absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous without having to carry your entire bedroom with you. How? Here are some helpful travel beauty hacks:


Pack outfits, not clothes

Pack inter-changeable outfits you know you look great in. Make a list of the basics you will need according to your destination’s weather and see what you can do to make the most of what you’re packing. As an example for a warm-weather destination, you could pack one pair of jeans that work with everything, a few t-shirts, a button-down casual shirt, a light dress, a cardigan, a jacket, a scarf and two pairs of shoes (a sporty one and a more casual one).Make sure they all match with each other and that you can easily maintain them no matter how long the trip may get (e.g. go for clothes that are hard to wrinkle and easy to wash and dry).

Maximize your beauty bag

There are certain products you surely feel you cannot live without. For some, it may be the favorite mascara. For others, the perfect shade of red lipstick you wear every day. Whatever it is, maximize its potential by going for products that can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, a jar of coconut oil can be a great moisturizer, a fantastic hair conditioner and a really amazing sun lotion too. Likewise, there are tons of products with double purpose (e.g. lipstick you can use as blush, mini-palettes that include all the makeup products you may need, etc.).


The jewelry problem

Of course, you won’t want to pack away all of your jewelry – and especially if they’re made from precious metals, with gemstones, and so on. Instead, you could opt for one or two pair of cheap, but gorgeous earrings and one or two statement necklaces. Pieces like this can instantly “up” your fashion game even if everything you’re wearing are sneakers, jeans and a blank grey t-shirt – so they are more than worth cramming into your luggage.

Learn to go chord-less

…and even better, completely hot tool-less. It may feel that you can’t get through your day without that curling iron – but good news, you can simply tie your hair up in a bun when you go to sleep and wake up with perfect beach curls. Likewise, you don’t need to straighten your hair every day – it’s really bad for its texture and packing the straightener can be quite difficult too. Instead, use quality conditioners and a smart de-tangling brush to make your hair look smooth and silky.

For every beauty/travel problem, there’s a solution – and the secret lies in always maximizing and doubling the power of your not-so-large luggage. Smile and enjoy your traveling – truth be told, an honest smile really is the best accessory for every woman in the world!


How To Stay Slim While Traveling

How To Stay Slim While Traveling

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Best Girls Weekend Trip Ideas

Best Girls Weekend Trip Ideas

Sometimes, people associate travelling with staying away from home for long periods of time and discovering completely new and exotic places. And while that can definitely have tons of benefits (and it can actually be life-changing), the truth is that weekend-long trips can be just […]

Top Saving Tips for Long term Travel

Top Saving Tips for Long term Travel

You will see South East Asia one day.

You will go around the world someday.

You will watch the Northern lights at some point in your life.

Truth be told, most people want to travel and see the amazing things this world can offer. The sadder truth, though, is that most people are stuck in the idea that they will do everything they dream of somewhere in the future.

Of course, there are always reasons not to do something: the comfort at home, the career, the financial side of travelling long-term – they can all take a toll on your dreams and crush them in one simple energy bill.

If you have decided to end the endless loop of “I’ll do it someday”, and if you have decided to actually start saving for your long term travel, congratulations! Yes, you’re on the path to making your dreams come true and YES, IT IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE!

How do you do it? Well, here are some tips to help you save more and dream big:


Discipline yourself

The number one reason people don’t save enough money?

They lack the discipline to actually make a plan and stick to it.

Yes, it does sound harsh, but it is completely true. It can be more than easy to give in to temptations, to eat out too often or to buy too many pairs of shoes (heh, I really get one though!). It can be easy to swipe your credit card and pay for things you don’t actually need – and most likely not even genuinely want.

Discipline is hard work – but the best part about it is that it pays off. Discipline yourself and you can save tons of money to accomplish your dreams – such as traveling the world, for example.

Make an actual plan

Forget about vague future tenses and start thinking in terms of numbers.

What is your goal date? When do you want to travel and for how long? Where do you want to go? How much do you want to stay in each place? How much will it cost you? What can you do to save all the money you need?

Yes, that’s a lot of questioning for one paragraph – but it’s important that you set things straight and make a thorough plan. An ACTUAL plan you will stick to as you save enough money to make all of your friends jealous with your Bali-Finland-Peru photos on Facebook (just kidding, that’s definitely not the best reason to want to travel the world!).

Surround yourself with your dream

Dreams can very easily slip out of reach when you don’t surround yourself with them. So print out some amazing photos from the places you want to visit and cover your surroundings in them. Whenever times get rough and you feel like taking a break from all the saving and planning, look at those pictures.

You could be there in no time if you actually stuck to your plan!

Top Solo Female Travel Tips

Top Solo Female Travel Tips

Travelling alone may feel a little scary, especially when you’re a woman – but the truth is, girls, that it can also be a truly amazing experience. From the fact that you get to be your own “boss” during the entire trip, to the fact […]