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The 6 Start-up Essentials for a Business That Will Succeed

The 6 Start-up Essentials for a Business That Will Succeed

Starting your own business can be an adventurous venture. You are no more bound by an office job or long working hours. Being a business owner, you can set your own work schedule, decide where you shall work from and who can work for you. 

Transform Shatter into Vape Juice With Wax Liquidizer

Transform Shatter into Vape Juice With Wax Liquidizer

Break can be depicted as a concentrate from cannabis plant materials and solvents from cannabis plant materials. At the point when you transform break into vape juice, you show signs of improvement experience when contrasted with smoking. It shapes a dissolvable which is straightforward and 

How the World Celebrates Easter

How the World Celebrates Easter

Easter is one of the special occasions being celebrated around the world. It comes with all kinds of traditions and customs. Some people binge on chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. Over the years, Easter tradition continues to change, and everyone is celebrating it, even if you don’t believe in the Easter bunny.

Easter Traditions All Over the World

Here are some collections of fun Easter traditions from arou2.nd the world.

  1.       Kite Flying

The people in Bermuda celebrates Easter by flying a kite. This tradition is everyone’s favorite pastime during the holidays. People make their kites using wooden sticks, colorful paper, and intricate designs. The kites are then topped off with a particular tissue called hummers that create a buzzing sound. Afterward, the people gather around and let their kites fly. Other people go to Horseshoe Bay Beach to attend the annual Kite Festival on Good Friday. 


  1.       Murder Mystery Reading

In other countries, Easter is a time for Paskekrimmen. It is a Norwegian tradition that involves reading, watching, and listening to crime stories and detective thrillers during Easter. All the publishers, radio, and TV stations produce murder mysteries. Even milk companies contribute by sharing suspense stories on milk cartons. 

  1.       Easter Nest Hiding

Germany, Switzerland, and many other countries celebrate Easter by hiding nests filled with sweets. The nests are decorated with different Easter décor and are filled with different kinds of chocolates, candies, and toys. Children believed that the Easter bunny is the one hiding the presents. 

  1.       Water Fighting

Poland signifies Easter when they celebrate Smigus Dyngus. It is a festivity that involves throwing lots of water at each other. The tradition was initially done by single men to chase women, but now, everyone is doing it. The water weapons are water guns, empty shampoo and dishwashing soap bottles, and good old buckets. 

  1.       Eggscapading

The most prominent symbol of Easter is the egg. An egg symbolizes new life. People paint and decorate eggs. Afterward, they hide them, and children find them. People try to roll them across the lawn the fastest to see whose egg breaks last, or they eat them. In Haux, France, a thousand people each year get to eat a giant Easter omelet made of more than 4000 eggs and over 100 pounds of bacon, garlic, and onions. 

  1.       Clay Pot Throwing

During Easter Saturday at 11 a.m., the people of Corfu on the Greek island throw clay pots from their balconies. According to them, this tradition traced its history back in the 16th century when people threw all of their useless and old properties out of the window. They do this to get ready for the New Year. People believed that the breaking pots scare away evil spirits and mark a new beginning. 

  1.       Pretzel Distributing

In Luxembourg, people celebrate Bretzelsonnden during the third Sunday of Lent. Men give fancy pretzels to the women they like on the said Sunday. If the woman accepts the treat, the guy will be allowed to visit the girl on Easter Sunday and can get an egg in exchange. 

Top things to do in London

Top things to do in London

London is one of those cities which is packed with things to do and see. If you’re planning to visit, you may be wondering exactly how you’ll narrow these down and fit everything in. Luckily, we’ve got the lowdown on the best things to do 

How I stay healthy while traveling

How I stay healthy while traveling

When you travel long-term, it can be difficult to stay healthy. I’m not someone who was blessed with a particularly great immune system anyway, and I tend to pick up anything that’s going around. Combine that with long flights, time-zone changes, and the need to 

Summer by night: ghost tours and alternative nocturnal activities in London

Summer by night: ghost tours and alternative nocturnal activities in London

London comes to life after hours, and thanks to the night tube and night buses, public transport in the city centre runs 24/7. There’s never been a better time to explore the capital, so grab your friends and family, take your pick of city of London hotels, and head out at night for the best experiences.

Here are some of our favourite ghost tours and nocturnal activities so you can enjoy summer in London at night:

Ghost tour by vintage bus

Options for ghost tours in London are never-ending. Enjoy a sightseeing experience like no other by taking The Ghost Bus Tour by vintage bus! You’ll encounter all of the top attractions London has to offer, such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London, learning the haunted history of the city’s most loved places. This is the UK’s only comedy-horror theatre experience on wheels, don’t miss it.


Jack the Ripper Tours

Ripping Yarns have organised Jack the Ripper tours around Whitechapel for over 25 years, earning themselves a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. You will be guided by a Yeoman Warder through the trail of Jack the Ripper, complete with photographs, letters, and handheld projectors.

Lantern Ghost Tours

With Lantern Ghost Tours, you can be incarcerated in a lunatic asylum, become a ghost hunter for the night, and even visit an abandoned morgue. Lantern run multi-award-winning tours of London’s most haunted locations, join them for a spooky night you’ll never forget.

Nocturnal nature walk

For something a little more wholesome, try a night-time walk with the National Trust. Take a walk in the park after dark to look and listen for nocturnal wildlife. Morden Hall Park is home to moths, spiders, and even bats, so be sure to bring your torch and bat detector!


Take in the views

Some of London’s most famous attractions are best viewed at night. With views over the Houses of Parliament and the Thames, the London Eye’s 30-minute rotation should be timed perfectly for dusk for the fullest experience. The View from the Shard is also open late all year round, boasting some of the best vistas in London. Book in at Aqua Shard or Hutong for a luxurious late-night meal with a view.

Open-top bus

The open-top buses London has to offer are well-known. However, the city’s iconic landmarks are best explored when they’re beautifully illuminated at night. The London bus tours last just over an hour and pass the Houses of Parliament, Harrods, and Kensington Palace, among others.

Late night shopping

If the weather isn’t on your side for your trip to the capital, fear not – many Oxford Street stores open until 9pm most nights, and even later on Thursdays. For a luxury late-night experience, head to Selfridges, Liberty of London, Harrods, or Harvey Nichols. For affordable fashion and vintage items, Spitalfields Market in East London is open until 8pm most nights, so grab yourself a bargain!

These are the top distractions for drivers in the UK

These are the top distractions for drivers in the UK

We all know that distracted drivers aren’t the safest drivers, and yet most of us are dealing with more distractions than ever before. A recent infographic from LeaseCar UK highlights some of the most common distractions- and a few of them are pretty interesting. For 

Tech essentials on a work trip

Tech essentials on a work trip

With 50% of the workforce expected to be working remotely by 2020, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have everything in place to maintain a high-level standard of work while out of the office. What’s more, with more companies exporting good and services 

A Day In Liverpool

A Day In Liverpool

Located in the North West, Liverpool is a city known for its music and culture. It is a friendly place to visit and a pretty one too. When taking a day trip if you are stopping on a journey or planning a short break, there are some activities that should be at the top of your to do list.

When You Arriving

A great place to start your day in Liverpool is at the Albert Dock where there are fantastic views and plenty happening, from workshops to re-enactments there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can find details of planned events at Liverpool ONE or Visit Liverpool.

There are also many attractions in this area such as The Beatles Story Experience for music lovers, and the Maritime Museum for a little history of the Docks.

Once you have enjoyed a morning around the dock it may be time to grab a bite to eat.


Food and Drink

There are plenty of places to enjoy a good meal in Liverpool; if you are at The Albert Dock then you may decide to visit What’s Cooking or The Smugglers Cove, or you can take a walk over to Liverpool ONE, where there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Here you will find a range of eating options from fast food to fine dining; and, you can take to the shops for a spending spree or browse once full. Alternatively, you may want to leave eating until a little later and in that case there is a range of afternoon tea options – great for a day with the girls.

Afternoon Stroll

As we see the afternoon arrive it’s time for a spot of sightseeing. If you don’t fancy walking around a large city then you can enjoy a ride on the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour, especially if the weather is bad!

Although, walking can be a great way to enjoy the surroundings and get a feel for the famous architecture that can be found in this marvellous city.

If you enjoyed your time at The Beatles Museum then taking a walk to the famous Matthew Street is one thing you must do, here you will find The Cavern Club and John Lennon Statue for great photo opportunities – cameras at the ready!

Another option is to take a 16-minute walk from Liverpool ONE to Liverpool Cathedral. This is the largest cathedral in the UK, and the tallest tower is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

There you have it, Liverpool in a day – of course you will want to come back for more but this should keep you busy for now. If you have some favourite spots around Liverpool let us know using the hashtag #YourLiverpoolONE

Trends to expect for blogs, social media, and SEO in 2019

Trends to expect for blogs, social media, and SEO in 2019

With 2019 just a few days away, you may already be thinking about your content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies for the year ahead. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the key trends underway, ensuring that your business is offering leads and