Can CBD Lotion Successfully Treat Hives And Rashes?

Can CBD Lotion Successfully Treat Hives And Rashes?

As most of us know by now, medical marijuana has been proven to treat a host of medical conditions, ranging from anxiety and depression, to PTSD and chemotherapy recovery, with much success. But you may not know that marijuana’s main healing and pain-killing properties stem from its CBD cannabinoids, not the psychoactive THC ones.

In other words, you can get a topical cannabis CBD cream or lotion that will not give you any noticeable buzz, but will relieve your pain and soothe your skin naturally. The best part is, you can get it delivered to your door by the same cannabis delivery business that distributes weed and hash brownies.


CBD Lotion Soothes

CBD is the component of marijuana that provides healing and analgesic (pain-killing) effects. There are currently many cannabis products available which have only the CBD cannabinoids, and not the psychoactive THC cannabinoids that give you a buzz. These CBD products are a blessing for patients who need large doses without having to ingest a boatload of THC.

When CBD lotion is applied directly on a skin rash, compounds in the cannabinoid bind to cell receptors in the skin’s immune cells. Indeed, cannabis patients see a dramatic reduction in outbreaks of hives when they use marijuana during allergy season.

Relief is Just a Click Away with Your Local Cannabis Delivery Business

Topical lotions and creams that contain marijuana are available through marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles, and they come in CBD-only formulations, or in the ever-popular 1:1 THC/CBD combination. These amazing cannabis-infused balms contain a mixture of CBD cannabinoids and the finest natural skin healers – much more effective on rashes and hives than any product you’ll find at a corner drug store- which doesn’t deliver! On the other hand, cannabis delivery in Beverly Hills can bring speedy relief from itchy, dry skin, to your door anytime day or night.

Your local cannabis delivery business has expanded to include CBD products, lotions, patches, sublingual drops, and all the latest products designed to make you feel better by relieving your discomfort. Take advantage of the convenience today!