Top Tips for Saving Money on Accommodation Overseas

Top Tips for Saving Money on Accommodation Overseas

Although a lot of people used to believe that overseas traveling is prohibitively expensive and that it is only for the rich, the truth is that more and more people these days discover that budget-traveling is a more than exciting option.

Yes, you can see the world on a budget and experience everything it can offer best. But first, you will need to work on your plan and on making sure you’re maximizing your savings for as much as possible.

For example, how to save money on accommodation overseas? Here are some tips to help you with this:

Thorough Planning

With a lot of planning beforehand, you can nail amazing offers in hostels and hotels all over the world. It takes great timing and dedication to find these offers – but once you do, you can save A LOT of money on your accommodation, without having to give up on your comfort.


Staying in Hostels

This is one of the most popular budget-friendly accommodation options for people from all over the world – and it can be really fun too. Not only are most hostels a lot cheaper than actual hotels, but they will also allow you to meet a lot of likeminded people who really want to discover the world and get acquainted with amazing people. Chances are you’ll make at least a friend or two in a hostel!


Although this is not an option all-year-round and although it’s not for all of the places out there, it can definitely be an option to consider under certain circumstances. Just make sure you stay safe and only camp in areas that are OK for this!


Another popular option among backpackers, couchsurfing is completely free and totally amazing. Couchsurfing sites will allow you to connect with people from all over the world who are willing to “lend” you their bed and roof for a few nights, completely free of charge. In exchange, they will expect you do the same thing for them when they come to visit your country.


Traveling by train

Taking the night train usually costs a bit of extra – but not a lot, and definitely a lot less than an actual hotel room. You will get a bed for the night and you will not have to waste precious traveling time with a lot of stops along the way either. Sure, this is not an option if you plan on actually visiting a particular place – but if you’re just passing through, the train can definitely save you time and money.

Extra tip: In Europe and many other parts of the world, you can buy rail passes valid for a specified number of days. These passes will cover for your train tickets, but they will most likely require an “extra” for night trains with beds. If you want to travel to Europe and see many places there, buying such a rail pass is a really great idea!