How I stay healthy while traveling

How I stay healthy while traveling

When you travel long-term, it can be difficult to stay healthy. I’m not someone who was blessed with a particularly great immune system anyway, and I tend to pick up anything that’s going around.

Combine that with long flights, time-zone changes, and the need to keep working when I’m run down, and it’s a bad time.

I’ve become somewhat of a germaphobe in my old age, but I realized that I’ve been focusing on the wrong things. For example, I assumed that the toilet would be the germiest thing in the house. The average toilet has a TVC (Total Viable Count) of 90 for germs. Do you know what the average toothbrush has? 48,000. Brb, throwing out my toothbrush.


One thing I do try to do is close the lid on the toilet seat when I flush. That’s because the toilet literally sprays germs into the bathroom- where we tend to keep our toothbrushes. Based on this infographic, I also think I should be replacing my toothbrush a little more often.

Another thing I found interesting? The object with the most germs was the train seat. This had a TVC of 72,000. It blows my mind that the toilet only had 90, but a train seat seems to be crawling in germs. Gross.

One of the things I try to do, is wipe my phone and keyboard down with antibacterial wipes. I should probably do this more often, since the average phone as a TVC of 30, while keyboards have 370. I feel like my laptop and keyboard are more germy than average since I take them with me everywhere- throwing them in handbags and backpacks.

There are a few things I’m wary of when traveling. I always wash my hands after touching money, and I use antibacterial wipes when on a plane. I also like to use my elbow or sweater to open the door in public bathrooms.

Realistically, we’re going to come into contact with lots of germs throughout the day. Unless you live in a bubble, this is just a fact of life. That’s why I try to keep my immune system healthy by eating vegetables like broccoli and fruit like berries. This year I’m also trying to prioritize my sleep, as I tend to get run down and sick when I don’t get enough sleep.