How To Find More Adventure On Your Solo Travels

How To Find More Adventure On Your Solo Travels

Before, most women travel to have more quality time for themselves and would often spend their vacation relaxing at the beach, going on a spa weekend, or joining sightseeing tours. But traveling trends have changed as new data reveals that more women are booking trips to seek adventure. The poll shows that 35% of women are booking exciting holidays such as hikes up Mt. Kilimanjaro or Serengeti safaris. While most women tend to travel as a group on an adventure trip, it’s possible to find thrills and new experiences even if you’re traveling on your own. By going off the beaten path and being open to experiencing new things, you can certainly have a more exciting and fulfilling holiday. Here’s how to find more adventure on your solo travels.


Consider a different way to get around

Adventurous travelers find different ways to explore the world. Think about renting a motorbike to zip around in Vietnam or driving across Europe. You can even try to hitchhike in some of the best countries for hitchhiking such as Cuba, Germany, and the Netherlands. To have an easier time getting around, consider putting your belongings in a sturdy yet fashionable backpack. Keep your things in a single bag for maximum mobility. If you choose to hitchhike, exercise caution and offer to pitch in on gas if you have the funds for it.

Eat like a local

Part of the fun of traveling is treating yourself to the local cuisine of whatever country you’re visiting. The best way to eat like a local is to go to the places where you can find street food. Eat jalebis, kebabs, puris, and bhaji in Mumbai, or feast on pad thai, khao pad, or tom yum noodles in the streets of Bangkok. Eating street food gives you access to some of the most delicious, authentic, and cheapest meals that you can ever have in your travels.

Spend at least one night sleeping under the stars

If you’ve always stayed in hotels or hostels, get out of your comfort zone and try sleeping under the stars for even just one night. Bring a tent, a warm and comfy sleeping bag, some food, and a portable stove, and you’re all set.

Go to places where there are lots of possibilities for adventure

If you want more excitement during your travels, visit the places where there are lots of possibilities for adventure. For instance, the Philippines has 7,107 islands that you can explore. Argentina is another paradise for adventurers as you can do anything from mountain biking to paragliding in the country. New Zealand, dubbed the world’s capital of extreme sports, is where you can participate in thrilling activities such as bungee jumping.

This year, make the most of your solo travels by finding more ways to have an adventure. You’re sure to have the best experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.