Top Solo Female Travel Tips

Top Solo Female Travel Tips

Travelling alone may feel a little scary, especially when you’re a woman – but the truth is, girls, that it can also be a truly amazing experience. From the fact that you get to be your own “boss” during the entire trip, to the fact that you will perceive this as a personal victory, there’s a myriad of benefits that comes with being a solo female traveller – not to mention you get all the time in the world just to stare at all those shops you’ll encounter along the way!

What are the best solo female travel tips to keep you safe during your trip? Here are some of the most important ones:



Be a local

The number one rule to not looking like a “target” is, well, to look as least “tourist-y”. Dress and behave like a local – and try to avoid asking strangers for indications on the street. Thankfully, there’s Google Maps and even a low-cost decent smartphone can support an Internet connection. If you really need to ask for indications, be sure you think twice about the people you ask for help.

Be aware

It is very important to be aware of your surroundings. Yes, all that Instagram and Snapchat can be quite fun and distracting – but leave it to the hotel room or to places where there are no actual dangers around you.

And, since we got to this, make sure you don’t drink while traveling alone as a woman. It’s perfectly fine to go out and party when you travel in a larger group of friends, or even with just one other travel partner (or if you meet up with someone who’s from the city you’re visiting). But drinking when travelling alone can attract all sorts of dangers upon you – so you’ll probably want to stick to non-alcoholic drinks while away.


Stay in touch

Make sure your folks and your friends back home know where you are. Posting on the social media, messaging them, checking in to certain locations – all these things will leave a trail wherever you go, so that the dear ones back home know you’re safe. Don’t forget to regularly call your family and friends back home too – if not by phone, then at least by Skype.

Know that it will get lonely

You will miss home, you will miss your friends and family there, you will get lonely. But the secret is to not despair and see the full part of the glass. Sounds like a cliché, yes, but it can definitely pull you out of the blueness and show you that there’s a unique kind of beauty that comes with being a solo woman traveller.

Have fun

Yes, you’re travelling alone, and yes, it can be dangerous (regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, for that matter). But don’t forget to have some fun too – enjoy this special time in your life, savor the trip and discover new and exciting places. It’s a special kind of travelling – and it can definitely have its advantages!