5 Budget Destinations for Winter

5 Budget Destinations for Winter

While many people associate traveling exclusively with the warm months of the year, the truth is that winter can bring its traveling jollies as well. In fact, there are a lot of pretty amazing places to visit during the winter too- and this stands just as true regardless of how large or small your budget may be.

What are some of the best budget destinations to consider this winter? Here are some great suggestions:


Hidden on Mexico’s East Coast, Tulum is great to see during the winter – especially for those of you who want to temporarily escape the chilly weather of the Northern(er) Hemisphere. Gorgeous, unique and bathed in a truly beautiful sunlight, Tulum is filled with attractions of all kinds – and all perfect for a low-budget traveler too.



Planning on going South this winter? Infuse yourself with some gorgeous sunlight and then come back home tanned in the middle of winter? Sure, this sounds like a dream come true – and for many, it also sounds like a real luxury only someone with loads of money could afford. Yet, did you know you can get accommodation and food in Nicaragua for less than $18/day? Now, that’s a lot less than you would even spend at home – so why not pack your bags this December and have a very…Nicaraguan Christmas?


Surprised to see such a Northern spot on a list that’s all about budget-friendliness? Well, Vancouver is a perfectly affordable place, especially if you take its “large city” status into consideration. Plus, it’s filled with all sorts of winter sports and activities during the cold season – so it’s a really great destination for travellers who don’t necessarily want to escape winter, but to embrace it.



Looking for an European destination that will fill you with amazement and beauty? Well, Prague has it all. The weather might get chillier this time of the year – but if you want a destination right at the confluence between the major European waves of culture, this is it. The best part about it? Prague is totally budgeting-friendly all year round – and during the winter, you can even find hostels for as cheaply as approximately $10/night. Considering the beauty of the city and its uniqueness, this is more than a bargain!


You might be surprised to see Paris in a list of budget-friendly destinations. However, if you want to see Paris without spending a fortune, winter is the time to do it. Due to the less sunny weather, many places will lower their prices – so far that you can actually find hostels for as low as $17-18/night. And yes, the weather might not be perfect this time of the year – but on the brighter side, all the other superb Parisian attractions will still be fantastic. From the Eiffel Tower to the Champs Elysees and the stunning Louvre, the City of Love has everything on point regardless of whether it’s sunny or snowy outside. Worth checking it out this winter!