7 Tips For Choosing Accommodation in Wales

7 Tips For Choosing Accommodation in Wales

To many, a holiday is one of the most special times of the year. You can spend it with loved ones, from friends and family to your other half, and it’s a break from the cycle a lot of us find ourselves in for the rest of the year.

This is why finding the perfect place to stay is so important – staying in bad accommodation can be such a negative experience that it risks ruining the holiday.

However, if you’re thinking about staying in Wales, we’ve got some tips that will make sure you only stay in the best of the best.

  • Location, location, location

Wales is beautiful. It’s full of some of the most gorgeous sites in the United Kingdom and if you check the location of your accommodation before booking, you could end up staying near some of the best.

Stay near some of the tallest and most stunning mountains in the United Kingdom, or even stay coastal – either way, you’ll be absorbing some beautiful sights.

Simply decide which sights you’d most like to wake up to on a morning and have a browse – you’re almost guaranteed to find accommodation near the area of your choice.


  • What kind of accommodation do you want to stay in?

There are many options for accommodation to stay in when you’re in Wales. From caravans to staying in castles, there’s something to suit everyone.

However, what about going for rural chic by looking for cottages in Wales? With so many low priced cottages available in locations across the country, it seems like a good move!

Cosy, comfortable and cute – what more could you ask for?

  • Decide on a budget

When you’re looking at places to stay, it’s easy to have a budget in mind and then just forget about it. Despite Wales not being the priciest of holiday destinations, it’s still possible to blow your entire budget on accommodation and have little left for actual recreational spending.

With so many apps and websites available to help you work out your spending such as NatWest’s Holiday Spend Calculator, it’s now far simpler to price up a holiday and individual spends – less stress when away always sounds like a good idea!

  • Food on the brain?

One of the main things to think about before embarking on a holiday is what you plan to do for meals. Do you go for all-inclusive and spend that little bit extra but not have to worry about meals, or do you go for self-catering, save some money and sort it out yourself?

The important things to contemplate when making this decision include how often you’ll be back at your accommodation for meal times, if they are hospitable to your dietary needs, and how far away you are from a local supermarket.

Many hotels are open to helping their guests have a bespoke experience with regards to meals, but this isn’t universal – it’s definitely worth a discussion.

  • Who’s going?

Accommodation for adults and accommodation for children are very different ends of the spectrum. If you’re going away for a family break, many choose a cottage or accommodation in a similar style to ensure that there’s plenty of room. Many also come with an outdoor area for the younger ones to have a run about in.

If you’re going away for a romantic getaway, you’ve got even more options. You could also choose a cottage and spend your break cosying up to your loved one, or you could go to a hotel that offers treatments for couples, including spa days and even wine tasting. The options are truly endless.

  • What is there to do?

The identity of who is coming with you on the trip also factors hugely into this. If you’re on a romantic getaway, then how about going on a walk around some of the most beautiful sights that the United Kingdom has to offer? You could even get a private tour of some of the most gorgeous parts of the country!

If you’re with younger members of the family, then what about visiting one of the many farms Wales has to offer? With many offering the opportunity to feed young animals and some even offering a pony ride, the kids will love it!

  • How long are you staying?

Are you staying for a long weekend, a week or even longer? The duration of your stay hugely contributes to what type of accommodation you should be staying in.

If you choose to stay in a caravan for a long period of time, it might end up feeling slightly claustrophobic – if you choose to stay in a cottage, however, you would have more room and the ability to make it feel even more homely.

With all of this said, there are no rules saying you have to stay in the one place – why not tour the entire country of Wales? Get the best of all worlds and create an experience that you will never forget.