Android apps that can be used for travel

Android apps that can be used for travel

If you’re planning to do some travel this year, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now easier than ever before. Technology continues to make travel less stressful and helps keep us organized- no matter where we are. There are even apps to keep us entertained while we’re on the road, like this Online Casino.

Got an android phone? There are plenty of travel apps available for you. Here are just a few:

Trip It

Trip It has long been one of my favorite apps- especially for long or complicated trips. It’s super easy to use as well. Simply download the app to your phone and create an account with the email address you use to receive your itineraries when you book flights, accommodation, and tours. As soon as you receive a confirmation email, e-ticket, or itinerary, forward it straight to the TripIt email address. This will automatically import it into the app- including all of the information you need like confirmation numbers and flight times.



These days, I always need a packing checklist before I fly. This can be time consuming though, and I inevitably forget something crucial.

Luckily, this app helps you crowdsource your packing list- and will create a weather-specific list based on where you’re going and what you plant to do while you’re there.


There are few things worse than getting off a long-haul flight (I don’t sleep) and being forced to wait hours until check in. Luckily, DayUse is there to save the…er…day. You can book hotel rooms for the day so you can take a shower, nap, or just catch up on work. The rooms will usually be cheaper than they would be at night, and you’ll usually have access to the same amenities overnight guests enjoy.


Even if you don’t often use Uber while you’re at home, it can be super helpful when you walk out of an airport in a different country. This is particularly true in countries where taxi drivers refuse to use the meter or don’t speak English. You can type in your hotel address, and get an idea of how much it will cost.


I don’t often like to do organized tours, but I still like learning about a new area. This audio app is a great option, and it offers walking tours in some major cities- narrated by locals. That means a local’s view of the city, and not the typical tourist sites.