Best Cities in Europe for Shopping

Best Cities in Europe for Shopping

Oh, shopping – the sweet treat and the bane of every girl’s existence! Bargains or not, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live – if you’re a woman, you definitely love wasting hours and hours (…and money, of course) in shops, supermarkets, malls, boutiques, markets and everything in between.

Thankfully, Europe is an amazing shopping center where you can find pretty much everything your heart desires – so, if you’re going on a Euro-trip, you should definitely plan some shopping sessions in the cities of the Old Continent as well.

How to do that? What are the best cities in Europe for shopping? Here are some ideas:



Undoubtedly the absolute royalty of everything classy and sophisticated, Paris is a sure-go way to spend money and come back home with bags filled with la crème de la crème in fashion. From the stunning Champs Elysees to the bargain-friendly Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen, the City of Lights sure knows how to enlighten a shopaholic’s day.


If you’re more alternative, and if you like fashion that makes a statement, let yourself get lost in Berlin. This place sure knows how to promote originality – they even sell clothes by the kilo (e.g. Garage at Ahornstrasse 2)! And if you’re looking for a really unique experience where serving drinks and shopping merge together in a super-fun day, try the Voodoo Market at Oderbergerstrasse 4. Other than these spots, pretty much everything on Kastanienallee is a dream-come-true for the alternative shopper.



A city full of colors and flavors, Istanbul will always find itself at the crossroads between the Orient and the Occident – which is why it’s so interesting and fascinating to most of us too. What’s great about shopping in Istanbul, though?

Well, for once, you will come back home with things that are really unique. You know, the kind of clothes and accessories that add an Eastern vibe to your everyday outfits without making you look like you overdid it. Even more than that, Istanbul is a city that’s not only bargain-friendly, but a place where bargains are actually the norm. Expect to negotiate the price on pretty much everything!


Bathed in the sun and right at the gates with the Orient without losing any of its Occidental traces into the desert, Spain is a marvelous place to visit regardless of your general interests. For fashionistas, there’s always Milano – this kingdom of style and grace, the place where all fashion begins and ends, the never-ending runway filled with gorgeousness, sophistication and pure beauty.

For those who are more fascinated with markets, there’s Barcelona, with its highly impressive La Boqueria Market. No less than 72 stalls are waiting for you there, filled with flavors, colors and amazingness. A true heaven for a gourmand, a really amazing experience for pretty much anyone else!

Sure, every country, and every city has its own shopping awesomeness – and this is part of what makes Europe so diverse, so beautiful and complex for a traveller coming from outside of it!