Best Destinations Around the World for Thrill Seekers

Best Destinations Around the World for Thrill Seekers

The world is an amazing place for us all. Regardless of where in the world you live or what kind of beauties you are seeking for, this planet can offer you pretty much everything your heart may desire – which is actually one of the largest joys that come with traveling around the world.

What if you’re a thrill seeker? What are some of the very best destinations on Earth for someone who is pure and simple an adventure junkie? Here are some ideas to inspire your next trip:

Cave Diving at Devil’s Eye, Florida

Part diving part cave exploration, this unique thrill will pump your adrenaline levels – but more than anything, it will show you once again how amazing life is and how gorgeous every single inch of this planet can be. The Devil’s Eye cave diving is just the cherry on top when it comes to the wonders of this marvelous planet we’re living on!


Safari at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

This is not your regular trip to the zoo – so if you’re faint of heart and don’t like being close to, you know, wild beasts, this safari is most likely not for you. In fact, it’s not for most people out there, since fewer than 100,000 visit this place every year. Why? Because it’s as wild as it gets. From lions to crocodiles and gracious gazelles, this is where you will find all those stunning creatures you’ve only seen on TV in their natural habitat. The memories you will make here? Unforgettable.

White Water Rafting at Futaleufu, Chile

It doesn’t get more exciting than this, not when it comes to water-related extreme sports. Once you go through something like this, you will never want to return to your life. All those rollercoasters you’ve jumped in at all those then-exciting parks? They will be absolutely nothing compared to this. Your blood will rush, your eyes will see things you’ll never see again and your entire body will feel truly and utterly alive.


The Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

If, however, rollercoasters are what you are searching for, this is definitely one of the best ones in the world. The steep curves and the high speed (highest in the world, to be more precise) – they will all make you feel alive, running and rushing towards everything amazing in your life. Yes, it can make for a pretty unforgettable adventure!

Top of Tyrol, Innsbruck, Austria

You don’t have to be in full motion to experience thrills at their finest – and the top of Tyrol in Innsbruck is the absolute proof for this. The stunning 360 degree panorama you will see from the top of the mountain will awe you, will take your breath away and will make for some of the most memorable moments in your entire life. More than worth getting there if you visit Austria!

As mentioned in the beginning, the world is full of wonders and amazement – and these are just some of the most awe-inspiring activities and places out there. Explore, create your own adventure and be the main character in a story your children will want to listen again and again!