Best Girls Weekend Trip Ideas

Best Girls Weekend Trip Ideas

Sometimes, people associate travelling with staying away from home for long periods of time and discovering completely new and exotic places. And while that can definitely have tons of benefits (and it can actually be life-changing), the truth is that weekend-long trips can be just as fun.

What are the best weekend trip ideas for girls? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


The nearby city

The easiest way to escape the mundane? Get your girls, pack a lightweight luggage and jump into a car/train/plane to the nearest city. You will be amazed at how positive this can make you feel and how amazing it can be to discover (or re-discover) a place that’s so close to where you live. And when the girls are in town, you know you’re up to some real good fun. You know you’re going to make for some really amazing memories!


Whoever said girls don’t camp, knew nothing about girls who actually love being out in the wilderness. OK, you don’t need to go too far out in the wilderness, but camping in a nice place can offer you a lot of great things. For once, you’ll inhale some fresh air for the weekend. You will push your boundaries a bit. You will disconnect from the “usual things”. And you will get to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, undisturbed by high-tech and city buzzes.


Really now, what could be better than that?

And if you’re not a real big fan of classic camping, try glamping – it’s a relatively new thing, but it’s catching up fast. Basically, you get all the benefits of camping PLUS all the comfort you need to make it a really relaxing trip away from home. Perfect for girls who like to strike the perfect balance between natural and modern.

Road trip photo shooting

If you love driving (or if one of your friends does), you’ll surely find a lot of pretty amazing places near to where you live. You won’t need much for this weekend trip: just some comfy shoes, a bunch of cute t-shirts and a hoodie. Add some makeup to your mini-luggage and take your friends to a road trip in the nearby areas.

To make things more fun, arrange photo shootings in the most spectacular spots you visit. Yes, we girls love shooting photos, and when great landscapes are included in the picture, we know we’re going to fill up all those Instagrams and Facebook albums.

The point of a weekend-long trip is, most of the times, not necessarily to discover a super-unique or exotic place. It’s about moving out of your ordinary weekend routine and about spending time with the girls you really love and cherish. It’s about all those jokes, about those dating disaster stories, about having a drink or two and eating something delicious.

It’s all about keeping your travelling “bug” alive and about experiencing something a little more different than what you’re so used to!