Best Malls Around the World for a Shopaholic

Best Malls Around the World for a Shopaholic

Being a shopaholic is, well, what most of us ladies are. We love shopping, we love wandering around and looking at mannequins, we love searching for the perfect pair of shoes and, most of all, we really love showing off our new purchases.

This is probably why malls feel very much like a true dream come true for pretty much every shopaholic in the world. What are the best malls on the planet, though? Here are some that will surely make you thirsty for some…shopping!


The Emirates Mall

Although definitely not the largest one in the world, the Emirates Mall impresses through sheer style and elegance. You could easily say this is the number 1 most sophisticated mall in the world – with a theater of its own, gorgeously elegant architecture decorating its indoors and outdoors, ski parks and art galleries. This place pretty much makes for the perfect blend between a shopping center and a true touristic attraction (because, yes, it is that beautiful!).

Isfahan City Center

This ambitious Iranian project will amaze you from all points of view. More than 750 shops gather in this hugely and beautifully built mall – together with no less than 5 hotels, airline office and a pretty impressive financial center too. Now, that’s pretty much like a mini-town in its own right – so how could you even resist it if you get there? It’s like going to Rome and not visiting the Vatican, right?

The Mall of Minnesota

With the American’s passion for shopping, it is more than understandable why one of the biggest and more beautiful malls can be located on pure, unaltered American soil. With a surface of 4.2 square miles, this mall has not only a myriad of stores for all the shopaholics to have fun in (about 400 of them, to be precise), but it also has a mini gold course, a theme park, an aquarium, a mini golf course and even its own wedding chapel.


Central World

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this huge mall was built in 1990 – and it stands just as bright and just as shopping-attractive as always. Approximately 500 shops, one hotel, a business center and a convention center all gather under the Central World roof, covering a staggering surface of nearly 439,000 square meters. As large as it may be though, it is “only” the 7th largest mall in the entire world – so can you just picture how many pairs of gorgeous shoes you’ll find in the one, the only…

South China Mall

Build on an awe-inspiring lot of no less than 7.1 million square meters, this mall is not only the largest, but also the…emptiest. It is estimated that nearly 99% of its entire space is completely unused – but even so, more than 2,500 shops will wait for you inside. Furthermore, the mall is created on 7 main areas, each corresponding with a place in the world: Amsterdam, Caribbean, California, Egypt, Paris, Rome and Venice. Interesting, right?