Christmas Gift Ideas When You’re Overseas

Christmas Gift Ideas When You’re Overseas

Whether you’re living overseas or simply on a holiday during the Christmas period, it can be challenging thinking of what to get your family from afar. I’ve spent many Christmases overseas, so have become used to shopping for family from a distance. One of the greatest challenges associated with sending gifts overseas is working out how best to ship them. Shiply offer great shipping solutions, especially if you’re buying something from Ebay that’s listed as collection only. When you’re overseas during the holidays, make a little effort to send something to your friends and family at home to let them know you’re thinking of them. Here are my top gift ideas when you’re overseas:

  1. A Physical Gift off Amazon or Ebay

This will vary from person to person, but I really love buying things that are either self care for the women in my life, such as body scrubs, face masks, etc and something more practical for the men in my family. Suggestions for men include things like a nice professional looking backpack or travel set, beard care, new pieces of technology such as an Apple TV or new phone. What you will choose depends on who you’re buying for, but it’s good to focus on something they may want but might not set aside money for, for themselves. I suggest buying any physical gifts in early December so you’re sure they’ll arrive in time.

  1. A Voucher

Consider buying a voucher for their favourite restaurant, a fun activity or something unexpected like an Escape Room. Vouchers make for easy gifts when overseas as many can be purchased online and you don’t have to worry about delays in getting the voucher to your recipient. It’s instant! I like to focus on experiences because it’s a really fun memory and something different.

  1. A Trip to See You

If your budget can afford, why not surprise a close family member or good friend with a trip to visit you, wherever you are overseas. This could be the best Christmas present for both of you as you’ll get to spend some time together and create some memories together. Obviously this will depend on your budget, but if you’re too far away for this to be realistic, you could consider meeting somewhere in the middle to help cut costs down. This would be especially great if you have your own children and would like to spoil a grandparent with some quality time bonding with your children.

  1. A Skype Call

While this isn’t really a gift, sometimes the best thing we can give someone is our time. This can be harder when we’re far from home, but technology has made some things a lot easier. Schedule in a Skype call with your loved ones so you can properly wish them a happy holidays and catch up on everything going on in their lives. This will take only minutes out of your day, but could easily make their day.

What are you planning to get your friends and family for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.