Finding the funding for your travels

Finding the funding for your travels

Travelling is a fantastic life experience, everyone loves the awesome combination of taking a break and seeing new places, but the costs can add up quickly. Flights, accommodation and spending money all work together to make the dream of travelling seem distant. But a little bit of creativity and planning can help you collect the funds for a life-changing trip.

  1. Save a little bit every month

Sacrificing a little bit of your monthly expenditure on a month-to-month basis can quickly add up to a chunky travel fund. Start with a small monthly amount that involves a small sacrifice, and build it up over a period. You will quickly become used to skipping a few lattes every week, and soon enough be in a saving’s habit that can fund extensive trips covering the globe.


  1. Think about working while travelling

If you can take long periods of leave or are not currently employed full time think about taking a working holiday. Plenty of regions in the world offer the opportunity to work while you visit, whether it is working on a kibbutz for a summer or acting as bar staff in Paris – working while you’re travelling allows you to enjoy a new environment while saving for an action packed finish to your trip.

  1. Grab a deal when you see it

Travel deals come and go with the best deals snapped up very quickly. If you don’t have the cash to splash on an excellent deal, consider making use of short-term loans to cash in on savings. Whatever your status, personal loans for people with bad credit can tide you over for a month or two so that you can grab the deal and pay back the money quickly. Carefully look at travel deals before you put up the cash – though there are good savings to be made, some deals are merely repackaged standard rates.

  1. Get a second income

Have a bit of spare time? Think about what you can do to earn extra cash. Whether it is working a few shifts at your local coffee store, or offering your skills in a freelancing environment, extra hours can quickly add up to an income. Set this money aside for travel funds. Once you’ve enjoyed a trip or two with your extra working hours you will be motivated to work to save up for more travel.

  1. Apply for a travel grant

Surprisingly, there are organizations that exist for the sole purpose of funding travel. These are often focused on scholars and students, but you could find a travel grant even if you’re not in education. Look for cultural exchange programs that will often fund much of the travel costs. These programs could include a degree of teaching from your side, or simply be awarded based on a competition.

Be creative, and travel

Think outside of the box and your current budget and you could easily come up with some ideas to build a travel fund. You might need to sacrifice a bit of spare time or cut down on some of life’s regular pleasures. But in return, travelling offers you the opportunity to discover the world, new cultures and yourself.