Getting set for an adventure holiday

Getting set for an adventure holiday

An adventure holiday is not like any other holiday; it promises new sights, smells and tastes, the meeting of new people and a chance to expand your mind and challenge your preconceptions, all with a taste of excitement. But what type of adventurer do you want to be? One that makes no plan and simply throws the bare essentials into a backpack? Or one who plans meticulously so you are free to enjoy all the holiday offers without having to worry about the little things?

The idea of leaving everything to the last minute may be tempting, having a touch of spontaneity about it, but chances are something will be forgotten, something that may impact heavily and ruin your holiday. Far better to plan. Planning should mean that you will enjoy your adventure holiday more than if you left everything to chance, and ultimately, that you get more out of your experiences.

The first thing to get ready for an adventure holiday is you. Adventure holidays are not relaxing; after all, you are not going to be spending all of your time lazing on a beach. No, you will be putting your body through its paces, hiking, climbing and cycling, to name but a few of the activities you may decide to engage in. It will therefore pay you to be as fit as possible before you leave, so go on daily walks or bike rides to give you an edge.


After your body comes your mind. Things are going to be very different where you’re heading – this is part of the appeal, after all – but to prevent too much of a culture shock, it can be a good idea to explore the area you’re going to online and in guide books. This kind of forward planning should help you to find your feet in unfamiliar surroundings.

One part of preparation that should not at any cost to be avoided is adequate immunization. If you are travelling outside of your native country, you will need to investigate which immunizations are necessary for the area you are travelling to. Some may only be necessary if you are travelling during a certain season and some maybe only precautionary. As some may have side effects, you may want to exercise caution over which ones to have. Visit your doctor to find out more.

Ah, the packing! While you undoubtedly want to travel as light as possible, you need to be prepared for all types of weather. Basically, this means layers. These can be bulky in your suitcase or backpack, of course, but layers afford you flexibility, as you can add and remove them as the weather dictates.

Essential wear includes good hiking shoes that are either new or have plenty of life left in them – uncomfortable shoes that make your feet ache or cause blisters will ruin your holiday –  but be sure to break them before you depart if they’re new.


If you’re concerned your body may not quite be up to the rigors of an adventure holiday, consider investing in apparel designed to provide support. You can see the benefits of this type of clothing by viewing YouTube videos by Tommie Copper, a leader in compression clothing. Rest assured, no one but you will know you are wearing it and it can even sculpt your body, giving you more confidence in your physique.

Moving on to making the most of the adventure element of your holiday, one thing you’ll most definitely want to pack is your camera. You’ll no doubt be seeing some amazing sights, and if you can capture them on camera you’ll be able to enjoy them with your friends and family when you get home. Invest in a good case to protect your camera, and be sensible about when you use it; try to avoid the temptation to whip it out on a bumpy boat ride or in the midst of a tropical storm unless its waterproof.

At the end of the day, you may want to wind down with a book or a movie, so to keep your luggage as light as possible, pack an e-reader or a tablet. Remember to download enough books, shows and movies to keep you occupied before you go if your accommodation isn’t likely to have Wi-Fi.

If this is your first adventure holiday, there may be a steep learning curve ahead of you, but by planning ahead and packing the right clothes and equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest.