How Important is Great Customer Service?

How Important is Great Customer Service?

A recent survey by revealed some interesting information. 600 respondents gave their opinions about customer service, and it turns out that almost 75% agreed that good customer service is important when they’re dealing with a business.

Personally, I’ve dealt with customer service in many countries around the world, and I’m continually amazed by what different cultures consider to be good customer service. In Thailand, the people are polite and easy to please. In China, they’ll make an effort if you try to speak Chinese. And in Budapest, the standards for customer service are some of the lowest I’ve seen anywhere.

One of my best experiences with customer service has been with travel insurance company World Nomads. The company is immediately responsive whenever you have a question or concern about your policy. But where the company really shines is when you need to make an emergency claim.

A couple of months ago, I needed to have some emergency surgery, and World Nomads were there for me every step of the way. The emergency assist team is staffed with medical professionals, and they’re able to give travellers advice about their options, based on medical reports.

When I left the hospital, the receptionist even told me that World Nomads was the best insurance company they had ever dealt with. Apparently, most of the time the hospital would be chasing an insurance company for a guarantee of payment for weeks if not months. In this case, World Nomads were continually emailing them for updates and pushing the paperwork through so I could relax, knowing my surgery was paid for.

The communication was also outstanding. Not only did they get back to me ASAP when I was told I needed surgery, but they rang on the day of the surgery and the day after to see how I was doing. With an experience like this, I’ve recommended World Nomads to everyone I know, and I will always choose this company for travel insurance in the future.

According to the customer service survey, 32% of respondents said that sufficient advice is the most important aspect of customer service. I completely agree with this, especially for people who are travelling and need emergency healthcare.

One thing I’ve noticed is how quickly you get used to either great or poor customer service based on where you live. I always find it interesting travelling home after I’ve been living in a country with lower standards of service. Simple things like small talk are unheard of in many countries in the service industry, but they definitely improve the customer experience.

What’s your best customer service experience? Let me know in the comments below!