How to Enjoy the Best of Paros

How to Enjoy the Best of Paros

Paros is an island in Greece, specifically in the Aegean Sea, that is unique compared to other islands in the area. Unlike Mykonos and other islands, Paros offers a more traditional ambience that blends really well with the modern holiday amenities. If you’re travelling to Greece, Paros is definitely one of the islands to visit.

The island itself has something for everyone. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the places to visit and things to do in order to enjoy the best of Paros. Let’s start our journey, shall we?

A Day in Parikia

Parikia is the main attraction in Paros. It is a region where you will find the traditional marinas, beautiful architecture, and some of the best beaches on the island. For starters, Parikia is the home of Paros Archaeological Museum, one of the best museums to visit in the country. It offers a nice combination of indoor and outdoor exhibits that include artefacts and relics.

From the museum, you can also visit the Byzantine church known as the Panagia Ekatontapiliani. Elements of this church were built in the 4th century, making it one of the oldest churches still standing. You can’t help but admire the beautiful architectural features and the way the entire church complex is so well-preserved.

To complete the day, visit Marcello Beach and enjoy a relaxing afternoon there. The beach gets pretty crowded during peak season, but you can always find a nice spot and spend a few hours sipping drinks and playing in the clear water.


The Traditional Naousa

Naousa offers a more traditional take on Paros. The village is located in the north-eastern corner of the island, but it is very accessible from other parts of the island. It is a relatively quiet village that offers so much.

The beaches in Naousa are just as beautiful. They are more private and relatively untouched, so you can enjoy a more relaxing day. The village itself is now very popular, so expect to see more tourists during the high season. My personal favourite is Kolympethres; the rock formations and clear, blue water are just too good to miss.

If you want to enjoy a bit of an adventure, I suggest taking the walk to the Venetian Kastro or the Venetian Castle. It is a structure on the main marina of the village. Getting there is challenging, but the beauty that greets you after the adventure makes taking the trip worth it. The 15th-century structure is a true gem nonetheless.

Other Attractions to Enjoy

There are a lot of luxury villas with top-notch amenities in Paros. As simple as it may sound, staying in villas in Paros is a great way to have a relaxing holiday on the island. Some villas even have a private beach and a lovely pool for a truly peaceful trip.

You can also drive to the Butterfly Valley, a sanctuary for butterflies where you will find hundreds of species. From here, continue your trip to the Agia Irini Spiaggia. This is another hidden gem that will turn your trip to Paros into a memorable holiday. The Agia Irini Spiaggia is one of the most beautiful beaches; it is the perfect place to enjoy watching the sunset while you are on the island.

The local cuisines here are great too. You can sample traditional Greek dishes and have some drinks while enjoying the beach. The day ends at around 10 p.m. here, but there are plenty of parties on the nearby beaches.

I can go on and on about the different ways to enjoy Paros. The island offers so much and a trip to Paros will be one that you remember for years to come.