How to get ready for a European road trip

How to get ready for a European road trip

A road trip is arguably the best way to see Europe. Not only can you choose your own itinerary, but you can deviate from that itinerary whenever you run into other travelers who tell you about that great site you simply must see.

While you can’t really go wrong with travel anywhere in Europe, there are a few #Roadtrips you simply shouldn’t miss out on.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

Phew, that’s certainly a mouthful. This road trip is best in either late spring or early summer, and the route is closed from November to May. This is known as one of the most scenic road trips in Europe, and enjoy incredible Austrian architecture, rocky cliff faces, and 37 different mountain peaks.


Route 500, Germany

You’ve probably heard of the Black Forest, and this road trip takes you right through it. This is one of the oldest and most treasured roads in Germany, and there’s plenty to do along the way- from thermal springs to castles.

Trollstigen, Norway

Troll’s Path is packed with winding roads, and these twists and turns give you plenty of views of a 1,000-meter waterfall. This is just a one-lane roadmaking it treacherous, however, the sights make it well worth it.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

This is the type of Irish scenery you see in movies, and you’ll get to gawk at everything from beaches to fishing harbors. Start in Killarney and take the circular trip all the way back along the N72, N70, and N71.

Are you ready for your road trip?

These are just a few of the incredible road trips that await you in Europe. However, it’s crucial that your car is ready before you head off on your adventure. Book your car service at Kwik Fit, so you can ensure it’s up to scratch before you go.

Your car should be serviced every 12,000 miles, and you’ll also need to make sure you’ve paid attention to some of the factors that will keep you safe. These include tyre treads, which should be at least 1.6mm. Otherwise, you could get a fine, but more importantly, you could lose control and grip while driving.

Tyre pressure is also important, and if your tyres haven’t been inflated enough, they can blow- which is seriously dangerous. Be sure to check that you have a spare, and that the spare is also in good condition.

Other things to consider include, checking your coolant, oil, windscreen wipers, and screenwash. Take a map in case you lose service, a first aid kit, and an ice scraper if you’ll be traveling this winter.