How to Pack for Long Term Travel When You Love Clothes

How to Pack for Long Term Travel When You Love Clothes

Traveling! Now, what girl wouldn’t love to indulge in Italian gelato, French cheeses and delicious Porto Rican cocktails? Well, as a woman myself, I can attest to the fact that traveling can, indeed, be a truly life-altering experience.

Unfortunately though, I also happen to be a fashionista – which would usually go against the idea of being always on-the-go and dressing out of a luggage. However, I have found that smart packing can save you from fashion disasters even when you are traveling long term – and following, I will share with you some of the very best tips I have learned about this so far:


Two magic words: double-purpose

The best way to pack is by making sure most of your clothing items are double-purpose – or at least up to some extent. A scarf that works just as well as a wrap and as a beach towel can save tons of space in your luggage. Likewise, a black dress that works for the day just as amazingly as it does for the night can also save you space.

When picking the clothing items to include in your luggage, think twice and visualize how you can use them. If they are easy to use in multiple contexts, they are good to go! If they are with a huge “maybe” in front of their purpose (e.g. “maybe I will have to attend an elegant event”), you’re most likely better off without them.

Dark colors are your best, best friends

Yes, they may not be as fun as fuchsia and yellow, but they will get the job done more than gracefully. Packing dark colors is a very good idea because they look great with each other and because they are genuinely easy to combine and wear in multiple settings. Also, dark colors tend to be more stain-friendly – so if you get a bit of pasta sauce on your T-shirt in Rome, it will not look as horribly as it would if you did that on a white button-down.


Accessories will spice things up

Wearing t-shirts and jeans may not be actually fashionable – but it’s comfortable and these items are more than travel-friendly (easy to wash, they don’t get wrinkled, and, ultimately, they are really comfortable when exploring new cities).

To spice things up a bit and make your outfits really stylish, accessories are your go-to solution. Pack some accessories that are not too valuable and that are not very easy to break and you will instantly make your t-shirt-and-jeans outfits pop with style and uniqueness. Two pair of earrings, a statement necklace and a couple of cute scarfs can save the day regardless of what it may bring.

Pack things that look good on you – but most importantly, pack clothes that make you feel great. At the same time, be fully aware of the places you are going to visit, of the weather there and of the way people may dress in that particular country.

Other than that, have fun, girl! You deserve to be the most stylish traveler that has ever walked on Earth!