Looking for a vacation destination with a difference?

Looking for a vacation destination with a difference?

Are you sick of the same-old same-old vacations? Maybe you really want to get off the beaten path or see some ancient history? If you’re looking for a vacation destination with a difference, your next vacation should be to Israel. Here’s why:


The Food Scene

If you’re a foodie, you may be surprised to learn that Israel has a vibrant food scene. This is a country that’s a leading exporter of food, with restaurants easily sourcing the freshest local ingredients. Check out North Abraxas, which is one of the liveliest restaurants in Tel Aviv. This is where you can find simple yet delicious local dishes, and you can watch chefs prepare your food in an open kitchen.


While you’re in Tel Aviv, be sure to visit the pastry and spice stalls of the Levinsky Market, and try delicious exotic sweets at Carmel Market- one of the largest markets in Tel Aviv. Don’t forget to taste musabaha, a type of hummus eaten with sliced onions and bread.


The History

Of course, no visit to Israel could be complete without visiting Jerusalem. Here, you’ll find 5000 years of history, and you can visit sites including the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and more.


Head north, and you’ll find Acre. The Old City here is a World Heritage listed site, and you can check out medieval structures, with the city walls dating all the way back to the Crusades.


The Beaches

Israel has more than 170  miles of coastline, meaning you can choose from a huge variety of beaches, including quieter spots on the sad outside of Tel Aviv, to the always-busy and buzzing six-mile beach inside the city. You’ll be surprised how much the promenade and surfers remind you of California. Along with plenty of incredible beaches, Israel is home to the dead sea. Since there is so much salt in the water you won’t be able to swim, but you can sit and float in the waters.


There’s a reason why mud from the dead sea is used in beauty products around the world, so be sure to slather it all over yourself while you’re there!


The Accessibility

There are plenty of flights to Israel from all around the world every day. And once you’re there, you can see a huge chunk of the country in a small amount of time. Driving from Eliat, a resort town on the Red Sea, to Metula, the southernmost tip in the mountainous Golan Heights takes only six hours. That means that when you visit Israel you can truly see almost the entire country in one trip.