My favourite places in Europe so far

My favourite places in Europe so far

After years of living and travelling in Asia, the United States, Central America, and Oceania, I was ready to spend some time in Europe. And what a time it has been. With more than six months left on my visa, I’m looking forward to doing some serious travel this year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

While I didn’t do too much travel last year, I still visited some pretty amazing destinations. Here are my favourite places in Europe so far:


I loved Vienna. I couldn’t believe how clean it was- people were legitimately cleaning the outsides of the trash cans when we were there. The public transport was top notch, although if I was flying in on an international flight I would definitely use an airport transfer company just to make things easy and quick.

If you head to Vienna, give the Natural History Museum a miss. I wasn’t impressed and would much rather have seen the art museum next door. Be sure to head to Sissi’s palace though, and spend plenty of time wandering around the beautiful city.



Budapest is ridiculously underrated, but the secret is slowly getting out- I’ve been surprised by the massive numbers of tourists in the city recently. The city has long been popular for stags and hens parties due to the cheap booze, but more people are visiting for the history and beauty of the city as well. Don’t miss the House of Terror, and be sure to head up to Matthias Church for an unbelievable view of the city.


I loved every part of Poland, and if you visit you should also visit Warsaw which was completely ravaged in WWII and rebuilt into the modern city it is today. But I really loved Krakow with its beautiful old town, great food, and many things to do. If you’re travelling with kids (or get stuck with a rainy afternoon) be sure to try out an escape room. The haunted house is also well worth a visit, but I mostly liked walking around the city and checking out the sights.


Edinburgh is often overlooked in favour of London, but if you’re heading to the UK, a visit to Edinburgh is a must. The gothic architecture, lovely people, great food, and fun nightlife makes it a standout in Europe, and it’s a fun place to visit no matter what the time of year.