Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas Gifts with a Difference

Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas Gifts with a Difference

Today we’re talking about Christmas gifts. There’s little denying that ensuring that everyone you need to buy gifts for receives the perfect item for them can be overwhelming. Many people seem to already “have everything”, and for friends and family members that we don’t see very often, it can be hard to know what is an appropriate gift.

The Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas Gifts give you the chance to make a difference in communities around the world.

This years Oxfam campaign is targeted towards supporting refugees, and allows us to give life-changing gifts to people who have had to leave everything they own behind. This includes emergency essentials like food and shelter, hygiene kits, winter clothes, and clean water, meaning you can help a few of the millions of people who have recently been forced to flee their homes.

An example of one of the people you’ll be helping with your purchase is Irhlas, who has been living in a refugee camp called Zaatari for three years. Located in Jordan, this camp is providing shelter to more than 80,000 Syrians who have had to leave their homes.

Copyright Oxfam GB
Copyright Oxfam GB

Oxfam is providing refuse management, sanitation, hygiene education and water throughout Zaatari, along with clean water for washing facilities and toilets- keeping residents healthy. Irhlas has called the campaign a “great gesture”, saying that it can feel like their lives are made of dust, and knowing that other people care gives the refugees hope of a brighter future.

Did you know that it’s been proven that people receive more pleasure from giving a gift than receiving one? That means that by choosing an Oxfam Unwrapped gift that’s really for someone less fortunate, you’ll also be giving the person receiving your gift the chance to feel good about themselves, since they’ll be indirectly giving to someone else.

Some of the most popular Oxfam Unwrapped gifts have included goats, ducks, chickens, manure, food baskets, a well, farmer education, piglets, a goat couple (these are a hit for weddings), seeds, water-quality testing kits, and more.

If you’ve got that special someone in your life, and you just can’t think what to get them, consider jumping onto http://www.oxfam.org.uk/, where you’ll find a range of awesome gift ideas.

Not only will you be reducing the stress associated with Christmas for yourself- after all, shopping for everyone you know is time consuming, frustrating and stressful, but you’ll be directly improving the lives of people elsewhere in the world- something that’s guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Often, we can get so caught up in our huge list of chores around Christmas, that we can lose sight of what it’s actually about. Christmas is a time of giving, and your family and friends are likely to be touched and excited to see that their gifts will directly impact the lives of refugees who are living in camps around the world.