Packing tips for ladies on the move

Packing tips for ladies on the move

If you’re a serious traveler, rather than a once-a-year vacation kind of girl, you need to do some serious planning before you start. In this case, time is of the essence, as they say. By allowing enough time, you can do a super job on your packing chores and make sure that the clothes you bring are appropriate, the medications you use are in plentiful supply, and your essential toiletries will last while you’re away from home.

As a priority, it’s important to remember to always check that any necessary paperwork – for instance, visas, special permissions, and passports – are up to date and will be valid for the duration of your trip. You should also make sure that you have sufficient financial backup in place in case of any financial emergency abroad. Do share your travel plans with trusted friends and agree regular contact arrangements.


Extended journeys

Experienced travelers know how to pack to suit the weather, so if you’re traveling to multiple destinations for the first time and are unsure about choosing climate-appropriate gear, opt for light layers so that you can cool down and warm up easily. Consider zip-off pants so that you have shorts for daywear and longer pants for cooler evenings.

Pack clothing that is flexible, such as a wrap that converts to a top or a scarf when needed. If you’re traveling solo for the first time, make sure that you know as much as possible in advance about your chosen destinations and what to expect as a lone female traveler.

Pack smart

You will want to be and stay comfortable throughout your trip, so make sure that you have a portable day pack or bag containing essential items. If you take medication regularly, you should always include this in your day pack, plus water to prevent dehydration and a nutritious snack, as well as wipes and tissues to help you clean up should there be no alternatives.

Rolled small items such as socks and scarves will fit easily inside rigid ones such as shoes or flexible pouches to help you pack tidily and methodically. Rather than cramming in lots of different items, choose a few around a contrasting or matching color theme that are washable and wearable without any fuss. This means that an important item in your packing will be a travel clothesline, or if you’re a thrifty girl, make your own for less than a dollar.

Stay stylish

One thing that bugs lots of ladies who love to travel is that post-long-haul flight feeling of being crumpled and generally icky. You can get around this by giving your skin some overnight moisturizing treats and rejuvenating your hair while you sleep. Use the fabulous Sleep Styler from the As Seen on TV Store to style your hair during shuteye time – no fancy hairdryers or straighteners needed, and the memory foam stylers will ensure that your beauty sleep is not disturbed.

Enjoy your travels, and stay safe, wherever you go.