Some Great Road Trip Ideas for a Family Trip to Ireland

Some Great Road Trip Ideas for a Family Trip to Ireland

Headed to Ireland and wondering what you can plan to ensure the perfect family day out? One where the memories will be with your children for the rest of their lives? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created this great day trip itinerary to keep your kids of all ages happy and entertained. If you’re traveling with really young kids, under the age of 3, you may want to split the activities up over a couple of days in order to work around their nap times. These are destinations that are easily reachable by car, but if you’re traveling don’t forget to get some car insurance with a great company like

Without further ado, here is our suggestion of family day trip activities in Ireland:

Dublin Zoo:
Zoos are a great place to go with kids especially when you have a few different ages. Little kids will love looking at all the animals, especially the baby animals. Older kids will enjoy the shows and learning about how the animals live. Dublin Zoo first opened in 1831 and ever since then has been delighting families of all ages. Every year Dublin Zoo plays host to over a million visitors. Situated in Phoenix Park in Dublin it’s easy to access and it’s well sign posted. Unfortunately there’s no parking at Dublin Zoo, but you can park in Phoenix Park.

Go Island Hopping:
When you think of Island hopping, Ireland probably isn’t the first country that pops to mind. Well, you’ll be forgiven for leaving it off your list. The Aran Islands are three islands that are located just off the mainland by Galway Bay. The islands have interesting names: Inishmore, Irishman and Inisheer, and are famous for their natural beauty. Here you’ll find gorgeous beaches, cliffs and interesting plants and animals. You can island hop between the islands to get the best experience. You’ll have to take a ferry in order to get to the islands, but don’t worry the ferries are regular! You can also take a boat between the islands, which creates a really fun and special family memory.

Doolin Cave:
Discovered around 55 years ago, this cave quickly became a tourist attraction and for good reason. Here you’ll find the Great Stalactite – the longest free handing icicle shaped formation in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a whopping 23 feet in length, which is sure to delight and impress kids of all ages. Doolin Cave is around three hours from Dublin, 2.5 hours from Cork or about 15 mins from the Cliffs of Moher. It’s easily accessible ensuring that you can’t leave this great attraction off your family travel list.

Include these activities in your itinerary, or just spend an entire day visiting all three. Ireland is a wonderful destination for a family holiday.