These are the top distractions for drivers in the UK

These are the top distractions for drivers in the UK

We all know that distracted drivers aren’t the safest drivers, and yet most of us are dealing with more distractions than ever before. A recent infographic from LeaseCar UK highlights some of the most common distractions- and a few of them are pretty interesting.

For example, did you know that 12% of men have shaved in their cars? I can’t say that’s something I’d expected to hear, and I’ve never seen anyone shaving in their car before. 10% of women have applied makeup at the traffic lights, which I’ve personally done, and 45% of those women say they’re most likely to apply lipgloss or lipstick while staying away from blusher and eyeliner- two things that typically require a steady hand and concentration.


Unsurprisingly, passengers are a pretty big distraction. And nearly 60% of people are driving with kids in their cars. 30% of those people use the review mirror to talk to their kids, and just 3% actually turn around (probably a good thing since that doesn’t sound safe). 31% of parents consider driving to be their quiet time, so I’m assuming plenty of kids tend to fall asleep in the backseat.

Personally, I found the kids to be my biggest distraction when I was driving. Especially if they were unhappy or fighting with their sibling in the backseat.

32% of people are eating while they’re driving, which I can definitely relate to. Personally, I don’t see this as too distracting, as long as you’re being careful and only reaching for a snack while you’re at the lights. 30% of these people say they’re munching on snacks, while most people tend to avoid eating dinner in the car.

What are your top driving distractions? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment below and let me know.