Three Steps to Prepare for a Long Road Trip

Three Steps to Prepare for a Long Road Trip

Been longing to hit the open road? More people than ever are choosing to travel the country by road. According to the 2017-18 Portrait of American Travelers study, the number of Americans taking road trips annually is up 17 points to 39%, with the average trip lasting four to five days. So where have you been longing to go? Is it Niagara Falls on your bucket list or do you long to drive west to the Rockies? Somewhere south? When you have your destination selected, you can get to planning some of the finer details. 

Plan ahead

Be sure to have a mechanic check your car, so you have a safe vehicle and to ensure a grand adventure. You might even want to clean it out so you’ve got a comfortable space as you’re logging those long hours. Think about which podcasts, playlists, or audiobooks will keep you company as you drive along. 

Make sure you’ve got a charger for your phone and have your destinations either mapped or easily able to plug into GPS. Your license, current registration, and insurance are important documents to have handy in case you need to show them for any reason. 


Be Open

There are bound to be bumps in the road. While planning is important for any trip, when you’re traveling, being too rigid with your schedule can limit your ability to embrace new experiences and perspectives. Still you want to have a loose plan or you’ll end up frustrated and possibly lost, and that’s no fun. Don’t be afraid to try new things and look for local eateries and experiences you won’t find at home. 

Take The Back Roads

If you’re not on a strict schedule, you will want to get off the interstate and spend some time on the back roads. This way you’ll get to experience the authenticity of the region, whether you’re in the mountains or the cornfields of the midwest. You’ll see things never highlighted in a guidebook or even on a map.

Making the decision to hit the open road is a freeing one for sure. You get to see the country up close and personal and experience new places and people that aren’t possible when you travel via plane. Wherever you choose to go, a good road trip is an adventure you’ll never forget and can inspire you to think more creatively and enjoy each moment.