Timeless Skin Care Accessories

Timeless Skin Care Accessories

Some of our favorite beauty products would not be the same without our favorite accessories. Whether it is a favorite brush or a beauty blender, having the right tools can make the look. The same can be true for your skin care routine; using the right ingredients is fruitless if these ingredients do not reach the cells that they are meant to help. Fortunately, many companies like Timeless Skincare offer great accessories for their products.

Timeless Skin Care is dedicated to creating the best skin care products, and carries a great selection of serums and creams, which are effective on their own, but can be even more powerful if used with accessories from Timeless Skin Care. The 192 Micro Needle Dermaroller is a Timeless favorite accessory because of its many benefits.

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Exfoliation: Dead skin can clog pores and mix into your makeup, causing gunk and breakouts. The 192 Micro Needle Dermaroller will help remove dead skin and help keep your pores clean. While the roller helps you sweep away dead skin, it also decreases pore size and increases the penetration of your favorite cleanser, serum, or cream.

Promote Collagen Production: You skin is constantly creating new cells and shedding old ones. To create new skin, you will need the right ingredients- including collagen, which is an important building block of skin. Adequate production of collagen helps decrease the appearance of acne scars, reduces fine lines, and heals damaged skin. The Dermaroller promotes the production of healthy collagen which in turn will yield resilient, radiant skin.

Easy to Use and Clean: The Dermaroller is made with surgical grade steel, which makes it a durable tool that is easy to use and clean. Just gently roll the Dermaroller onto your skin every few weeks for the desired effect.

Using natural skin care products and the proper accessories will help ensure that your skin stays healthy and youthful.