Tips for Taking Amazing Photos with your Smart Phone

Tips for Taking Amazing Photos with your Smart Phone

If you could travel back in time and tell the young version of your grandma the things you can do with your phone in 2016, she would probably think you’re crazy. Truth be told, we have pushed the boundaries of technology like never before – and it’s all rapidly evolving towards an even more high-tech era.

Your smartphone is the “living” proof of this fact. This small device can do what computers 3 decades ago weren’t even remotely able to do. It can stock enormous quantities of information, it can connect to the Internet (and through this, it can connect through pretty much the entire world), it can shoot pictures and, in many respects, it can do everything you would ever want a device to be able to do. There’s literally an app for everything!

How to take amazing photos with your smart phone, though? As surprising as it may seem, this little jewel in your pocket can actually shoot some pretty impressive pictures – so it’s more than worth giving it the credit it deserves. For example, here are some tips to help you take superb photos with your smart phone:


Get as close as possible

Getting close to your subject will allow your smart phone camera to use all those super-intense pixels and pull of extra-crisp pictures. Even the most banal things in your life can look amazing this way! Be sure to keep your smart phone’s lens clean and always try to get close and to crop, rather than zoom. Your smart phone is capable of so much more if you use it correctly!

Avoid the flash

Want to take amazing photos with your phone? Well, the sad news is that the flash is a pretty awful idea, as most phones will simply add a “creepy” touch to pretty much everything they capture with the flash turned on. On the other hand, photos taken in good light can look quite spectacular!

Avoid the filters

Yes, we all know how addictive Instagram can be. But give your own skills some credit and try to simply edit the photos for brightness, sharpness, and so on. Trust us, with a bit of practice, you can pull off pictures that are way more gorgeous when edited “manually”, more natural and generally more unique (we’ve all gotten pretty tired of those extra layers of filters, really).


Use a different camera app

Chances are your original camera app (the one that comes with the phone itself) is not a great one. Do a bit of research and try out other options – as you will see, they will provide you with more features and more control over what your camera does. Yes, an app can actually make the difference!

Stay away from the clichés

Fake blurs, lens flares – they are all just fads. And no, they will never look as good as they do when they are shot with an actual professional camera. The better part about it, though? You can actually make do without all these “gimmicks” too, and you can shoot impressive pictures using your photographer’s eye, your phone and a beautiful subject.