Tired of hotels? Stay in a bed and breakfast instead

Tired of hotels? Stay in a bed and breakfast instead

Staying in a hotel used to be fun and exciting, but lately the opposite has been true. In fact,  the majority of the time when I’ve stayed in hotels these days, I’ve been disappointed by either the experience or the service.

There was that hotel by Sydney Airport where I stayed with my mum and didn’t get a minute of sleep since it was right by a truck stop and the room was absolutely filthy. Then there’s the Ibis I stayed at in Prague which felt like prison, and the hotel in Krakow which, while cute, had the narrowest beds I’ve ever stayed in.

And it’s not like hotels are cheap. If anything, prices seem cheap online when you book and then you’re hit with fees once you arrive- taxes, resort fees, wifi, snacks, parking, and more. B&Bs are the best option if you’re sick of these fees, since they’re usually all-inclusive so while you’ll have free wifi, bottled water, parking, and other goodies, you’ll also usually find that breakfast is included as well.

And wow, what a breakfast. Hotel breakfasts have got a lot to answer for lately, and if it’s not a sad continental breakfast, you’re looking at a buffet which has had food left out for hours (can you say food poisoning?)


At B&Bs, not only are you usually treated to a home-cooked breakfast, but it’s going to be a lot more authentic than the cereal you usually get in most hotels. Firstly, it’s likely to be cooked by a local, and you’re also likely to be eating fresh local ingredients as well- what a way to start the day.

Speaking of locals, one of the reasons why B&Bs offer such great service is because you’re often interacting with the locals every day, and they’re usually doing everything they can to make your stay spectacular. Since they usually know the area like the back of their hand, they can tell you where to go for the best local food, the tourist spots that are worth visiting (and the ones to avoid), and will give you priceless inside knowledge about the culture and history of a place. This is something you’re unlikely to find in a hotel where you’re treated like just another number.

I also like B&Bs because they’re often just a little quirky. I’ve stayed in places where each room has a different colour or theme, and it makes you feel like you’re not just another customer, and instead are as unique as the room. It also means that you can often choose a room that reflects your needs or personality which I love.

Another great thing about B&Bs is they offer a great chance to be social if you want to meet new people, while also giving you plenty of privacy if you want to be left alone. This is something you often don’t find at hotels, so if you’re planning to travel sometime soon, consider choosing a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel.