Top 5 Prettiest Cities in Europe

Top 5 Prettiest Cities in Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse and fascinating places in the world. From afar, most of the major touristic attractions look pretty much the same, and fall pretty much in the same “Western civilization” mode. When you get closer, though, you will discover that every country and every region has its own particularities.

What are the prettiest cities in Europe, though? Here are some travel ideas to inspire you:



While Spain frequently lands in the top preferences of those who want to visit Europe, it is mostly known for Barcelona and Madrid. Yet, there is so much more to Spain that’s so amazing that it would be a real pity not to give it a try at least!

Valencia is one of those places – the kind of places that seem to hang somewhere in between the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. With a picturesque appearance to it and a really unique vibe, Valencia is a city in the fullest sense of the word – the largest one in all Spain, to be more precise. With winding streets and historical architecture, this place is a true dream!


Looking for a rustic place to visit? Want to see something even more special than the highly well-known Mediterranean destinations? Innsbruck is a really stunning place! Located in Western Austria, Innsbruck is the perfect destination for winter sports aficionados. In the summer, the place is ideal for hiking and biking too – from the stunning landscape of the mountains to the traditional appearance of the entire place, this city will charm you forever.


There’s something really hard to beat about the Netherlands. With their healthy approach to life and with a type of friendliness that’s almost shocking for a Northern country, the Netherlands manages to win its tourists from the very minute they set foot on their soil.

Copenhagen makes no exception from this rule. Charming, sweet, unique and full of history, this beautifully-colored Viking city is a destination you will absolutely love!


Although a lot of tourists mainly stick to the Western Europe (and maybe the Northern parts too), there’s a lot of beauty to be explored in the Center and Eastern of Europe as well. Budapest is the living, buzzing, breathing proof for this. Filled with light and gorgeous architecture, Budapest will do everything in its power to make you feel really amazing there – and yes, the food is a big part of that. Spicy, delicious and warm, Hungarian food will win your heart forever!


Located in fascinating Sweden, Gothenburg is mostly known for being one of the largest university cities in the country (and one of the most significant ones in Europe too). Beyond that, Gothenburg is a place filled with history and where culture feels truly at home. From Film Festivals to interesting architecture, there’s something beautifully European and fascinatingly Norse to explore every single step of the way. Yes, you will love this city with all your heart!