Top 5 Tips for Keeping Healthy When Traveling

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is by far my favourite hobby,  I love seeing new places, trying new foods and filling my phone’s memory up with great travel pictures. However, if you’re traveling for longer than a week or traveling regularly, then you may struggle to stay healthy on the road. Just because you’re away, doesn’t mean you should let things go. I’ve decided to write this article of top 5 tips for keeping healthy while traveling.

1. Avoid the Sun

I noticed after a long trip overseas when I came back my skin definitely looked a little older from all the sun exposure of spending every day outside. It can be tempting to tan overseas, especially if you’re headed to a tropical destination. But the truth is tanning is actually a sign that you’ve suffered sun damage, and while maybe the bronzed glow looks good, it’s not worth the health risks. Ellisons have a wide range of tanning products they provide to experts so you can enjoy the holiday glow all year round without damaging your skin.

2. Eat Healthy
It can be tempting when you’re traveling to have every meal in a restaurant or cafe, eating your way around the new country. While there’s nothing wrong with that, long term it’s probably not sustainable if you’re not thinking of your health. Consider aiming to have a salad at least a few times a week, and if you’re traveling somewhere that has large meal portions, consider splitting a main with your friend to save money and lower the calories you’re consuming.

3. Exercise
There are fun ways to exercise while traveling and exploring a new place. You can consider doing a bicycle tour instead of sitting on a tour bus. You can choose to walk certain parts of the city instead of taking the metro. You can even consider hitting up the hotel’s gym to get a few endorphins pumping. This is especially important if you’re traveling for a few weeks or months!

4. Limit the Alcohol
While a few nights out a week drinking is very fun, it can tempting to drink every single day while on holiday. If your holiday is short you probably wont do too much damage, but if you’re traveling for an extended period of time it’s probably not healthy or sustainable to drink every day. Try to limit how often you drink, which will give your body a chance to rest and ensure you’re not snoozing half the day away.

5. Stay Hydrated
Sometimes I find it easy to forget to drink enough water, especially when I’m traveling around and busy exploring museums and new cities. However I’ve learned to take an empty reusable bottle along with me to ensure I’m always hydrated. This is especially important on long flights where you aren’t drinking as much as you usually would.

Travel is so much fun, and keeping these top 5 tips in mind to stay healthy will ensure you’re best able to enjoy your travels.