Top Beaches in Europe

Top Beaches in Europe

Charming and sophisticated, the Old Continent can never cease to amaze you with its hidden spots, with its diversity and with its love for everything beautiful. From fashion to art and from people who smile to foods that can lift up one’s mood in a bite, Europe is gorgeous from North to South and from East to West.

…and its beaches are not even by far among the least attractive parts of the continent.

What are the top beaches in Europe, though? Read on and find out where you’re going to get your next splendid European tan:



If sophistication and refinement is what you’re looking for from your next beach vacation in Europe, France has the answer. Not only is this elegant country in love with things that are beautiful in its essence, but it has transmitted the same great taste unto its beaches as well. One of the best beaches in France? Our Lady Beach in Porquerolles – France. With luxuriant vegetation and blue waters, this beach will make you want to pinch yourself – because it really does look like a dream come true.


One of the most popular beach destinations around the world (and not only in Europe), Greece has a beach for literally every type of traveller. For those looking for fantastic landscapes to those looking to simply relax on fine sand and in warm, crystalline blue waters to those looking to party all night long, there’s a beach (and most likely an entire island or area) suitable for you.

One of the best-rated beaches in Greece is known as the “Shipwreck Beach” or, more formally, Navagio. Breath-taking and utterly inspiring, this exposed cove comes with history, with beauty, and with every single quality a traveler might desire when going for the Mediterranean tan. Unforgettable destination indeed!



Bathed in sun and delicious foods, Spain doesn’t lack beaches – and, like most of the European countries with an exit to the Mediterranean Sea, it also offers a wide range of choices when it comes to golden sands and sparkly blue waters. One of the best beaches in the country of Don Quixote? The Ribadesella Beach in the Asturias. Gorgeous location you will never, ever forget – and, on top of that, a very well-known destination for its prehistoric caves (just in case you want to take a break from all the splendid water and sand).


Looking for a more budget-friendly, yet equally gorgeous beach in Europe? Croatia is known to be a superb destination overall – and its beaches can definitely compete with any other famous sands on the Old Continent. Zlatni Rat Beach is considered to be one of the most popular and most amazing beaches in this country  – and, by the looks of it, we tend to more than agree with the general opinion. Picture-perfect landscapes, mountains, forest, beach and sea – they all meet here, in Dalmatia, to offer tourists memorable days of sheer relaxation and absolute beauty. What’s not to love about it?