Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Top Tips for a British Road Trip

Gloomy but lovely at the same time, Great Britain has a lot of amazing places – even more than many locals are familiar with. A great British road trip can really recharge your batteries and stir your appetite for adventure and great stories – so, if you are in the UK and if you want to take a break from the mundane, we definitely advise you to plan an unforgettable road trip there.

What destinations to visit? What are the best road trip routes in Great Britain? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


Penrith, Cumbria – Northumberland

Want to relax your eyes upon peaceful pastures filled with the kind of green only the British Isles can enchant you with? The A686 road will take you to places that are absolutely gorgeous – infused with tranquility, rustic beauty and absolute amazingness. The entire road trip takes little more than one hour, so, if you live near any of these points, this is the kind of trip you can take on a Saturday morning and be back for the weekly Netflix and chill session in the evening.

Abergwesyn Pass – Powys, Wales

Don’t worry if you cannot pronounce the names of these locations – they will still feel and look absolutely stunning for you. Imagine a memorable backdrop of mountains combined with a road that’s just perfect for drivers who want to test out their skills a bit – this is what this road trip will bring to you in less than 40 minutes. Ascents, descents, bridges – this is everything you want from an adventurous road trip!


Black Mountain Pass – Brecon Beacons, Wales

Take the A4069 for a road trip under 45 minutes in Wales. You will not be disappointed by the amazing views, the hairpin turns, or the flocks of sheep roaming around and making travellers feel that they have truly reached the world-renowned British countryside. Lovely landscapes you will definitely want to immortalize in more than a bunch of pictures to be proud of!

Other tips for the road trip

Regardless of the specific destination you want to choose for your British road trip, it would be a great idea of you filled the entire excursion with small, but truly complementary British touches. Some examples include:

An all British playlist for the car ride. You want to be entertained, no matter how long or short the road may be. And what better way to do this than on some Queen, Beatles and Sex Pistols?

A fish’n’chips stop along the way. There’s nothing more fundamentally British than good ol’ fried fish, thick chips and tasty curry sauce. You REALLY need to experience this wherever in the UK you may travel!

A lakeside photo. The UK is filled with amazing hills and stunning lakes – so, if you happen to pass by one of the main lakes in Great Britain, do not hesitate to take a break, sip some milky Earl Grey and shoot an Instaworthy picture your friends will really love.

Last, but definitely not least, remember to be fully prepared for your British road trip. Regardless of whether you live in any of the British countries, or if you simply happen to stay there for a while, you will want to be 100% safe and ensured while away. This is precisely why it is highly important to look for breakdown cover like My Voucher Codes that really fits your needs – and this stands just as true for a one-hour road trip as it does for a 10-hour one!