Ways to earn extra money while travelling

Ways to earn extra money while travelling

Instead of living at home with your parents, working two jobs and quitting all socializing for a year before embarking on a huge, round the world trip that lasts until you’ve run out of money, have you considered making money while you’re travelling so you can stretch that travel time a little further, or maybe even work completely remotely so you can travel full time?

Here are some ways to earn extra money while travelling:


Freelancing or tutoring

Depending on your job, you may be able to take the skills you have from your 9-5 and make them work for you while you’re overseas. Upwork is great for this, and you can also make a number of connections through Facebook groups or hook up with expats to find new opportunities. Fiverr is another good option, and if you have teaching skills you may find that you can teach English online or find a job tutoring if you’re in a particular country for a few weeks or months.

Flexible job

The world is changing, and if you can find a job that allows you to work from home, there’s no reason why that home couldn’t be Bali, Thailand, or France. If you already have a job that you know you could do remotely, now’s the time to talk to your manager and convince them that you’re so good at your job, it’s not worth losing you and they’ll benefit from allowing you to work remotely.


Work and holiday

Many countries around the world will have a reciprocal working visa system such as the Youth Mobility Visa which will allow you to work in different countries for between one and two years. This is a great opportunity, as you’ll be able to earn local wages, get to know people in your new job, and stay in a new country for much longer compared to if you were using a tourist visa.

Sports betting

If you’re a fan of sports and you find yourself keeping up with your favourite teams back home or the latest games, why not use this passion to make some money? There are numerous sports betting websites and techniques which you can use to place bets on your favourite sports, and you may find that you earn enough money to keep your bank account padded while you’re away.

Au Pair

If you like kids, working as an Au Pair can be a great option. You’ll need to be committed to one spot for a while though, as Au Pairs usually move overseas to live with a family, taking care of their children full-time. You’ll get to live with locals, have a place to stay, food, and a family to hang out with while also receiving a small wage each week. People look for Au Pair’s all over the world, and while the maximum is usually 2 years in a country, you can also sign up to just do short-term stints here and there.