Where you Should go on your Holiday to Thailand

Where you Should go on your Holiday to Thailand

Thailand is a place that’s close to my heart, and it’ll always be one of those places I can return to again and again, without ever getting bored.

You’ll learn about Thailand on travel blogs, in magazines, and on travel shows, and this country really is like no other in the world, with some of the most incredible beaches in the south, wild animals in hill tribes in the mountainous region, and tiny towns, interesting culture and delicious food throughout the country.

Here are some options for your next holiday to Thailand:


Chiang Mai

You’ll find Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, and you can easily take an overnight train from Bangkok or a quick flight from Phuket. Unlike the south of the country, you won’t find beaches here, but what it lacks in sand, Chiang Mai makes up for in mountains and jungles- with plenty of options to get up close to nature.

Hire a scooter and take a drive around the hills, visit Elephant Nature Park and get up close to elephants that have been rescued from lives of labour and circuses, browse the amazing night markets and head to one of the many temples to chat with some monks.


Chances are high that you’ll fly into Bangkok, and you simply must stay for at least a few days. Bangkok is a grittier city, with amazing street food, the ever-popular Koh San road, blocks of interconnecting malls, and an excellent nightlife. Many flights arrive late though, so do yourself a favour and use Blacklane for your transportation instead of haggling with taxi drivers or trying to navigate the public transport system with all your bags.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the place to go if you want to go diving, and people come from around the world to learn to dive and are sometimes lucky enough to see whale sharks. If you’re keen to get certified, you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper option than Koh Tao, and the beach life is outstanding.



Located north of Chiang Mai, Pai is getting quite the reputation as a place to find yourself, and is popular with barefooted, dreadlocked backpackers. Don’t let that stop you though, and if you head outside of the main town, you’ll find incredible wildlife including lakes, forests, waterfalls and excellent hiking.


This is a very old place, and was founded way back in 1350. Surrounded by rivers on three sides, Ayuthaya was once said to be the world’s most magnificent city. If you’re a fan of history, there are some excellent ruins available to explore.

Hua Hin

Like the sound of an 11-tier waterfall? You need to head to Hua Hin. This is the place to go if you like to get a bit more off the beaten path, and you won’t find many other tourists- meaning excellent photos of that incredible waterfall and the many national parks in the area.