Why you should take a Yangtze River Cruise

Why you should take a Yangtze River Cruise

If you haven’t yet been to China (or even if you have), a Yangtze River Cruise is the perfect way to discover the country. Each year, millions of visitors enjoy this amazing experience in China, and these cruises will take you right through the heart of China, allowing you to see some of the most incredible scenery in the world.

The best seasons for the river cruises along the Yangtze River are generally spring and autumn, which is September and October and April and May. This is when the weather is comfortable and cool.

Here are some reasons why you should experience a Yangtze River Cruise:


The Scenery

These ships travel especially slowly, allowing you to enjoy cultural relics and beautiful scenery along the way. You’ll be given key information about shore excursions to ensure you don’t miss any of the best scenery, which includes Fengdu Ghost City, Goddess Stream, the Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream or Shibaozhai.

While you can take part in a number of excursions, you’ll also be able to enjoy incredible scenery from your boat, and watch the steady flow of heritage and history along the different river banks as you’re winding your way through cliffs and gorgeous. For many people, the highlight is the beautiful Three Gorgeous, so be sure to bring your camera.

Free Time

These cruises will give you more free time in China, and you’ll also have less hassle. When you compare this type of travel to travelling by train or bus, you’ll find that not only will you get to see more, but you’ll do it at a much more leisurely pace- meaning you won’t end up needing a vacation from your vacation.

You can sit on the deck sun deck and read a book, drink coffee on your balcony, meet new people on the boat over dinner, play cards, watch TV, or take a nap- all while you’re travelling to the next incredible destination.



One of the biggest reasons to take a cruise down the Yangtze River, is the fact that it’s generally all-inclusive. This makes it much easier for you to budget for your adventure in China, since accommodation, food, entertainment, and transport are all included.

You’ll get three meals a day, featuring both Western and Chinese food, and a lovely Captain’s Farewell Banquet on the last night of your cruise. You’ll also have amazing entertainment, and this can include lectures about Chinese culture and history, films, happy hour, cabaret shows, fashion shows and even Tai Chi lessons.


Along with all of the inclusions, you’ll also have a number of other onboard services to choose from. Most chips will feature a reading room, wifi, the ability to make phone calls, a health clinic, a fitness room, and a beauty salon. That means that when you’re relaxing you can truly relax and have all of the comforts of a hotel (and more) while onboard.